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I spent Easter Monday learning how to make 3D games in Unity. This is the result!


Devour the miniature purple suns!

They will allow you to jump higher!

Jump all the way to the top of the universe, then dive into the sun!

After you dive, you unlock NEW GAME MODE+! Hit backspace if you want your jumping height to go back to the lowest.

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An event


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I like how you can still

I like how you can still increase your jump height after you beat the game. To the point that you can eventually reach the sun in a single leap.

It took me a while to get

It took me a while to get that to work correctly, actually! I'm glad someone actually made use of the NEW GAME+ stuff, so it wasn't a complete waste of time implementing it. Thanks for playing!

It sinks you in. You just, just

wanna keep jumping and going for the blue balls. I reached it about 3 times. After that it was time to go. Jumping into the great unknown has its difficulties. and keeping at it is another. You just wanna keep at it and it's like planet rock. You , you can't stop it. it's TUFF you know.

Is there a downloadable version?

Unity web player never works on my browser unfortunately!!

Here you go (windows

Here you go (windows only):


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nice, I wonder why this

nice, I wonder why this person wanted to jump into the sun so badly. Maybe they wanted to end their life in the most spectacular way, or maybe it was a sort of religious thing in which 'merging with the sun' was a metaphor for enlightenment that they took too literally.

In any case, I really liked the end of the game where the platforms were so far apart. There's something beautiful about jumping huge distances between tiny bits of land. I would like to see that taken even further in a game sometime.

Wonderful game! I like how u

Wonderful game! I like how u get checkpoints, sometimes games like this dont do that and its really terrible but this i am thankful for