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Caught Between Dimensions


This started as a tiny platformer I was making over the last few days, and I was thinking ehhh I'll keep it really small and tight. It got slightly bigger, but still didn't get so big as to become unmanagable. It also got an extra coat of polish, somehow. I think that was pure accident. But anyway, here it is. It follows the story of a girl stuck in another dimension trying to get out. It uses some old sprites that I also had half-baked ideas for.

It's got 4 levels, and makes heavy use of a mechanic called "air walking" which I was going to use in another game that I also didn't finish, so I thought for a long time that I wanted to give it a proper outing. The mechanic involves running off edges, and being able to float in the air for a split second. Think Wile E. Coyote running off a cliff. It also makes a satisfying "pop" noise like a gas stove clicking on.

You can use this to get more air. I built the whole game around this mechanic. There's no combat, just platforming. It let me really experiment with this idea

Arrow Keys: move
Z: interact
M: mute sound
Esc: pause

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I spent Easter Monday learning how to make 3D games in Unity. This is the result!


Devour the miniature purple suns!

They will allow you to jump higher!

Jump all the way to the top of the universe, then dive into the sun!

After you dive, you unlock NEW GAME MODE+! Hit backspace if you want your jumping height to go back to the lowest.

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YOU an intergalactic adventurer stranded on a TREACHEROUS PLANET in this swashbuckling space existentialism simulator! can you discover the SECRETS of PLANET H.E.L.L....???

my first ever game! very short - made in an hour for the first weird games marathon. shouts out to thecatamites, whose 50 Short Games compilation inspired me to make one of my own by ripping off his methods wholesale.

fortune palace
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MUHAMMAD 4 The verwourren streets FIRE VS ICE


The thrilling Muhammad trilogy gets expanded with another breathtakingly well made.
A new futuristic Timeage began in Muhalländ, but new trouble is on its way.
Magmammad and Iceammad, two old friends of Muhammad III, the son of Muhammad II, got into a fight, and now Magmammad wants to burn everything and Iceammad wants to freeze everything.
Can Muhammad III save the world?

-Extreme difficulty that everybody wants
-Enemies that shoot discs
-good graphics
-sympathetic Characters
-it's a Muhammad game
-Shh If you are extremely bad at Muhammad, you can create savestates with F5 and load with F6.

"This game is totally not the black sheep of the franchise", - Robbiero Goméz
"I am the black sheep of my family", - Gerda Goméz

(More information on this brilliant game can be found here: http://muhammadmuhammadmuhamuhamuhammad.wikia.com/wiki/MUHAMMAD_4_The_Verwourren_Streets_FIRE_VS_ICE)

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Ansi Amateur voice acting Mdickie Fun Secret Xtreme Programmer art Ansi Fun Ansi Serious Mdickie Amateur voice acting Fun Steve


Ansi Amateur voice acting Mdickie Fun Secret Xtreme Programmer art Ansi Fun Ansi Serious Mdickie Amateur voice acting Fun
Steve moraff Attitude Fun Serious Ansi Programmer art Attitude Ansi Attitude Ansi Programmer art Ansi Programmer art Serious Fun Mdickie

is a secret santa game for HUGS you can read what he wanted in his game here http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/4574#comment-17266

If you want to know more about the game you should just start playing it.

It was made in TGF1, so all you KNP'ers who wanna break it open: just a heads up!

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==original description follows==

This is my first game!

The nefarious DR. MOUTH has stolen the precious GEMS from the royal APPLE FAMILY while they were visting a soccer game in BRITON. Luckily, world famous soccer star RONALD CATJUMPER was playing at the game and witnessed the event. He was able to trap DR. MOUTH in the middle of the soccer field, but not before DR. MOUTH used his GRAVITY WORLD FLIPPER powered by the GEMS he stole to turn the entire place 90 degrees! It's up to RONALD CATJUMPER to use his powers to get back as many GEMS as possible. He only has 60 seconds to do so though, as right before the events listed here he put some POPCORN in the break room microwave, and somebody would be likely to nab it if he left it sitting there!

RONALD CATJUMPER has many amazing abilities, but unfortunately almost all of them are only useful in a game of soccer. However, there are three skills that will help him in his adventures today:

1) RONALD CATJUMPER is a master of movement! (used by pressing the ARROW KEYS) Even though the field is flipped, RONALD will use the walls of the stadium to keep from flying into the atmosphere
2) When RONALD jumps he turns into a CAT, giving him great leaping power (used by pressing SHIFT)
3) RONALD (PhD) is also a fantastic scientist, and brought a CLONING DEVICE he invented to the field, disguised as an ordinary trash can (used automatically)

When the game starts, 60 seconds will be on the timer, and 1 RONALD CATJUMPER, DR. MOUTH and GEM will be present on the field! DR. MOUTH has very slippery fingers, and tends to drop the GEMS very easily, most often when RONALD or a clone of him touches a GEM. If two GEMS touch each other, they will vanish back to safety in the hands of the ROYAL APPLE FAMILY. If no GEMS are present on the screen DR. MOUTH will be likely to drop another onto the field, but not before RONALD CATJUMPER can use the moment to create a CLONE of himself!

Good luck, players!

0-1: You are awful. You should be ashamed of yourself.
2-10: The ROYAL APPLE FAMILY will never see their money again. You jerk.
11-40: Pretty good, but DR. MOUTH has made off with most of the GEMS!
41-70: Great work!
71-100: You're awesome!
100+: You got more GEMS than there were in the first place! How the heck did you do that?

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Train Jumper

Screen shot 2012-03-03 at 2.27.40 PM.png

Derpy game in which you jump over stuff and junk to catch the train.

Catt Small
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Stand your ground! Collect power ups for increased jump height and extra mid air "double" jumps. Also lives. Good luck, as your platform crumbles below you...

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Coin Jump


Move to the right to complete the levels. Double jumping, save states, stopping immediately and charging are your special abilities (up, s, x, c respectively). But they'll cost you a coin each use.

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