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Deep Delve


DEEP DELVE: A game made within 72 hours for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020.

You are the Sorceress, tasked with defending a frontier outpost. A newly-developed mine has breached a subterranean stronghold of hungry spiders! You rush to repel the threat... But is everything as it seems? Who are the real invaders?

There are four stages of ever-increasing intensity in DEEP DELVE. Fans of retro-style arcade action games will dig this.

Made by one person within a 72-hour window for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020. The idea behind this game jam is that the art assets and game fonts are already there, and while you can colour them however you want, you can't create any additional art assets. The theme is announced at the start of the game jam window period. The theme for this game jam was "Deep."

The download link leads to the standalone download version (which I recommend, and this also has details on how to implement a gamepad/joystick for controls). However, there's also an HTML5 version available:

Quick Summary of game controls:

  • ARROW KEYS to move.
  • SHIFT to shoot. Hold SHIFT to autofire.
  • P to toggle game pause on/off. Works during action sequences, not narrative text.
  • R to Restart the stage or the game (when prompted).
  • C to Continue the game (when prompted).

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Hungry Jack


HUNGRY JACK, a dice "game" I made for an online workshop about making your own tabletop games. It's playable in nearly any browser.

HJ is actually a classic dice game, except it's not so much a game at all. Essentially, on your turn you throw the dice and see what happens.

  • When it's your turn, click the "Throw Dice!" button or press the SPACEBAR.
  • If your dice show a number that doesn't have a token on it (or in this case, a burger), then you place a token there from your supply.
  • If your dice show a number that already has a token on it, you take that token and add it to your supply.
  • If you are supposed to place a token but you have 0, the game ends. The player with the most tokens left is the winner.

I wanted to illustrate things such as luck, skill, and player choice in my workshop, and this is a tool that helps explain things without me resorting to a lecture fomat. I had fun putting it together.

As you may pick up from the "notes" I added, it's not too engaging a game, but it can be fun and surprising. Young kids like to play it because they just might win, beating the adults that are playing along with them. After all: dice have no gods, no masters.

Full credits and other details available in game.

PROTIP: don't like a portrait? Click on it and it will randomly change to one of ten portraits devised by

ANOTHER PROTIP: Pressing the ESC key will return you to the main menu screen.

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Flappy Doom


FLAPPY DOOM, another joke by me for Grid Grind 2020.

You are Flynn "Mabel" Taggart. Your mission: drag the demons back to hell (for as long as you can).
- Press the SPACEBAR to flap.
- Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
- If you are out of bullets, collecting them can help.
- Doors are locked unless you find the RED KEYCARD when prompted.
- Press the "R" key to start or restart the game.

Grid Grind elements used:
- mysterious industrial building
- "Mabel"
- locked doors

- Original Doom by id Software.
- Original Doom music and sound effects by Robert "Bobby" Prince. Patch mapper for this rendition by Tom Klok. Available at
- Flappy Bird tutorial made by Almighty Zen Taco via YouTube:

Last updated 9 Sept 2020.

"Thank you for play!" [sic]

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Dice App


DICE APP, a dice-throwing and re-throwing utility made for HTML5. Works in nearly any browser.

This is something I kludged together in a few hours for personal use, but maybe you'll find it useful as well.

Throw dice by clicking on the image of the die on the left, and the result is displayed in the dice pool to the right.
Re-throw a die or remove it by pressing the buttons that appear on either side if the die display when you hover over it.
(The red one deletes the result, while the green one re-throws the same die)
Your Dice Pool can contain up to 10 results.
Clicking on "Reset Everything" restarts the program.

Currently version 0.1 . I will be adding to this periodically to add a few more features, but it will stay low-frills and won't do every conceivable die-throwing permutation possible. Go to AnyDice for that. :)

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Weekend at Chompface's


WEEKEND AT CHOMPFACE'S, an HTML5 joint made for Grid Grind 2020. It plays in nearly any browser. The description:

You are one of the ghosts, and instead of tagging out Chompface like you usually do, you ended up killing him. You gotta get outta Dodge, but first you need to find and collect all four tires to your getaway van. Until you do, you can't raise suspicion. Play it cool so that ZEZMERON and MS. CHOMPFACE aren't any the wiser, and don't do anything too wacky or you risk your arcade cabinet being rebooted!

[NOTE: updated to include more clues about how to reduce suspicion. Thanks for all the feedback and critique, folks!]


This is a "Pac-Man/Weekend At Bernie's Mashup Parody Action Puzzle" made for the Grid Grind 2020. Collect all four tires before either the red bar or the purple bar reach 0 (the detectors for Zezmeron and the arcade game player, respectively). There are four different endings for you to discover. I wrote and sang a song for this game. Grid Grind 2020 features included:

  • Medicine
  • Edible Rocks
  • Utopia
  • A Van

I kinda didn't follow the rules to the event, and in fact the game morphed a lot in the past couple months. I finally settled on "reverse Pac-Man" and the rest of the game kinda wrote itself. I beg your indulgence. I had too much fun making this to start worrying about that stuff.

Additional credits:
"Frosty The Snowman" karaoke tune found on YouTube.
Car engine sound effects from Clickteam sample libraries.
Background music for menus and end screens made by me in a MIDI music program some time ago (I can't remember the name).
If you're wondering how DEVO fits into the soundtrack, I reversed the sound of the siren at the beginning of their video for "Jocko Homo."


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WizBoing (for DPS2004)



To DPS2004,

Merry Spring!

I spent like two weeks working on the movement and the teleporting effects.
I had a hard time thinking about what the game would be.
I wanted it to be something really simple, elegant.
I ended up trying to see how complicated I could make something in a short amount of time.

I came up with most of the gameplay and assets in the past 24 hours.
I'll probably tinker with this a bit in the future.

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1HGJ: Birdman


This is BIRDMAN, made for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Poorly-Programmed Gravity. I felt right at home. :)

You are BIRDMAN and you are collecting coins. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Game is over when the timer runs out. Try for a high score. Enjoy!

(Had to deal with a frustrating issue related to using Clickteam Physics and exporting to HTML5, but thanks to someone's suggestion on the CT forums it was fixed and now the game works as intended).

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Collaboration 2019: Mr. A & Let-Off Studios


A collaboration project between Mr. A and let-off studios for the Tennis Ball NOT Baseball event. We had fun. :)

Click on the different doors and elements to visit our games and other stuff used for this collaboration. Our messages back and forth to one another, starting sometime in the summer, are hosted on Also, here are some specific notes about particular artifacts:

#1: BREAKOUT made with flickgame, augmented with rhetoricstu's image import mod. By let-off studios.

#2: Observation Post 0023 made with Môsi. By Mr. A.

#3: Memory Hole made with Clickteam Fusion. By let-off studios.

#4: M*rio made with Flicksy. By Mr. A. (Mild content warnings: may be somewhat anxiety-inducing for some. Also involves falling/vertigo in a low-key way.)

The launcher was also made with Clickteam Fusion, by let-off studios.


mr._a, let-off-studios
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AUTUMN, made for the Potluck Party 2019.

This is kinda what it looks like round here this time of year. This is a flatgame-style toy.

Music is an excerpt from "The Great Forest" (actually, the other inspiration for this piece), from the Visager album "Songs for an Unmade World." Everything else by me.

When prompted, you can press the R key to restart.

Enjoy! :)

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For My Sister's 44th Birthday


I laughed so hard making the audio files for this game that I gave myself a headache.

My sister celebrates her birthday today, and I usually send her something to let her know I care. This year, I made a video game. She normally doesn't play these things at all, so I made one of the simplest games I could think of. You can't really lose. Just run around and listen to yourself yell until you finally collect the required number of drinks.

Click the left mouse button on the ground to move the lady (my sister) and collect 44 Bloody Marys.


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