The Video Game Name Generator Spectacular Event of spectacularness!

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Sat, Apr 28 2012 06:00 PM
04/28/2012 - 18:00
04/28/2012 - 21:00

(I can't believe it took me 15 minutes to fix the errors I made making that logo. :/)

Yes, I made another event. Woo.

As you may of guessed,this revolves around creating trainwrecks using the Video Game Name generator.
The more absurd the title is,the better! (Although this isn't a contest,but,still.)

Click HERE to upload a game.

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Games made for The Video Game Name Generator Spectacular Event of spectacularness!


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Some of the titles I got

German Tetris Strikes Again
Derek Smart's Chainsaw - The Quickening
Jewish Rugby Legend
Islamic Dwarf Fight Club
Elmo's Army Soldier
World of Wheelchair Scam
Vampire Sudoku Trader (but is it about a vampire who trades sudoku, or a trader who deals in vampire sudoku, or...)
Michael Jackson's Quantum Through Time
Rocket-Powered Nazi Fight
Leisure Suit Sniper Explosion
Action Vigilante from Hell
Helicopter Fishing School
Obsessive-Compulsive Beautician City
Unpleasant Mountain Climber Restaurant
Fisher Price Volleyball in the Magic Kingdom
Satan's Hobo Daredevils

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Islamic Dwarf Fight Club

I do like the sound of Islamic Dwarf Fight Club

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Satan's Hobo

Satan's Hobo Daredevils
Someone make that. PLEASE.

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Event Thread

Hm, I might have to try this. I don't think I've actually made a game based on a title generator before.

Oh yeah, I call dibs on creating a community event in JUNE. DIBS, I SAY!

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Inappropriate Cannibal in the Sky

I told myself that I would only accept the first title generated for me. INAPPROPRIATE CANNIBAL IN THE SKY! How bloody lucky is that? I'm glad this event is coming up... I joined right this moment, only to find that I had JUST MISSED the last Klik of the Month Klub.

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Hell, I really DID luck out.

Hell, I really DID luck out. Every title I received afterward was really quite boring. Although, ENORMOUS SUNSHINE CAMP is pretty incredible. Is it possible to experience "enormous" sunshine?

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DAMN. I should have held out

DAMN. I should have held out for ESCAPE FROM THE SEWER COMMANDO.

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I got these. Feel free to

I got these. Feel free to use them.

Tasteless Surgery Squadron
Hidden Sandwich Academy
Peaceful Bubble Soldier (So does that mean he'd rather blow bubbles than shoot people? Oh, boy. That'd be a great joke-art game idea.)
European Lightning - The Card Game
Charlie Brown's Bowling Football (GENIUS)
God of Jetpack - Limited Edition
Mickey's Unicycle of Doom
Big-Time Chocobo Championship
The Care Bears' Yoga Marines
Preschool Spelunking Factory
Virtual Beautician Summoner
Almighty Nazi Revisited

And my favorite:
Lovely Furry from Planet X

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Tasteless Surgery Squadron

Tasteless Surgery Squadron has such incredible potential.

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Things I liked.

8-Bit Arcade Dance Party
Queen of the Worm
Bling Bling Axe Maxx
Little Dinosaur Park
Everybody Hates the Llama Commander
Red Hot Typing Dystopia
The Incredible Helicopter Hospital (this has potential!)
Alcoholic Karaoke Legend

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Will you be participating?

Will you be participating? If so, will you take a game title beforehand, or wait until the beginning of your development time? I was gonna wait... but I ended up jumping the gun (see my post above)

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I have a neat idea in mind,

I have a neat idea in mind, but I'm real busy with work so I dunno.

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Going to enter this but

Going to enter this but probably a couple hours earlier so I don't have to stay up until 5AM. I'll use the first name I get a couple of minutes before I start the event.

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Yeah. I rather feel like I'm

Yeah. I rather feel like I'm "cheating" knowing what title I have to work with. I think I'm too in love with "INAPPROPRIATE CANNIBAL IN THE SKY" not to use it though. Are you thinking of doing the ZZT BLITZKRIEG coming up?

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Here at Glorious

Here at Glorious Trainwrecks, cheating is encouraged.

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...or at least as long as it results in more participation!

"Cheating at hanging out with friends" may cause slightly lower levels of fun, though. Simultaneous live game-creation is uniquely exciting!

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As stated previously, I got "Inappropriate Cannibal In The Sky" on my first time out... and i've since come up with a whole mess of ideas for it. I'm still going to make it (think along the lines of H.E.R.O. and you're part way there) but the joy of spontaneity is all but dead for me as far as this challenge is concerned, and I plan to ENJOY my first outing with you guys.

Besides that, it'll be interesting to panic and end up with some stream of consciousness catastrophe that surprises even ME.

AND SO I've decided to generate a new title at the beginning of the challenge. Getting a game title I HATE has value, I believe. Shaking me out of my comfort zone somehow seems truer to the spirit of Glorious Trainwrecks to my mind.

I'm pretty excited.

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i got 'a boy and his

i got 'a boy and his helicopter insanity' and decided that's such an awesome title that i don't give a crap if that's my only game for this. that said, my game(s) will be submitted early because i'm gonna have a hella busy weekend.

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These are the ones I

These are the ones I kept:

Apathetic Cyborg Hoedown
Claustrophobic Janitor Conquest
Corporate Catapult Experience
Galactic Karaoke Racer
It's a Mad, Mad Arcade in the Sky
Luigi's Banjo - The Lost Levels
Middle-Eastern Furry Enforcer
Romantic Hardware Overload
Underwater Horse Racing Conundrum
Zombie Vegetarian of Death

I may do Luigi's Banjo even though it's probably the most boring one, simply because I've been meaning to do a sequel to "A Proper Occasion for Ripped Sprites" ever since Sergio inspired me to experiment more with game difficulty.

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I already submitted mine

I already submitted mine (and someone already registered how much they hate it!). I went with "Death-Defying Princess Groove." Here are the ones I liked but passed up:

Custom Whale Slayer
Weary Wizard Squadron
Screaming Lightning Detective
Perfect Maze Invaders
Golden Kangaroo of Might and Magic
Infinite Castlevania Invasion
Legend of Penguin Soldier
WWII Samurai Project

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infinite castlevania

infinite castlevania invasion sounds like it would be awesome

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WHAT!? Why did I think this was tomorrow!?

I have thirty minutes if I start RIGHT NOW. WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS ON SUNDAY!?

I HAVE been working on a game all day, but it'll be done when it's done... NO WAY am I going to make the deadline for this.

Here's some of what I WAS doing all day:
(I could post the prototype... but... think I'll wait.)
Here's some music from FALVALIOUS

Well, I screwed up the time, but at least I can play the games you guys made, and try not to make this same mistake in the future.
DAMNIT! I have a post-it that's screaming "SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY" at me and everything... I'm such a dunce.

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Errm....You can blame me for

Errm....You can blame me for that...
I originally had it posted for sunday....and....I changed the date to not waste time....

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I was wondering how I made

I was wondering how I made such a simple mistake.

Well, I STILL had fun.

I played everything (so far...?) and left comments for all of you.

I THINK IT SHOULD BE SAID that just because I have something nice to say to everyone, it shouldn't be seen as "sneaky glad-handing" or anything of the sort just because I'm new around here. I TRULY believe that there's value in even the WORST bloody games.

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And you know what...? I'm

And you know what...? I'm STILL an idiot. I had a whole other HOUR that I somehow forgot about. I had it in mind that this was a 2 hour challenge. I spent valuable time playing everyone's submitted games, when I could have spit SOMETHING out! Well, it's a learning experience I suppose.

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Is that some KORG DS-10 I

Is that some KORG DS-10 I hear?

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You bet your life.

You bet your life.

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new game

I had actually made two games yesterday but had to leave before i could prep the second one so I just uploaded it now.