Hip-Hop Gimp: The Card Game

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Instructions: I don't even know. After I printed out the cards, the game I had in mind failed abysmally. Let me know if you figure something out.

The download is just a higher resolution version of the image above.

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An event


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Why the fact that this isn't

Why the fact that this isn't a game STILL ended up working in your favor:

1. It challenged me to make something up my damn self... which brought me to 2...
2. Hmmmm... since I buggered up on the time of this event and didn't want to cheat, that presented me with a way to redeem myself after the fact...
3. but... I no longer have the time I need to commit without taking away from other projects I have to get back to. NOW I FEEL PANGS OF REMORSE.
4. BINGO. It made me come away feeling something.

Also, I quite like the artwork.

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Thanks a lot. It's a shame

Thanks a lot. It's a shame that a cruel twist of fate prevented Inappropriate Cannibal In The Sky from becoming a reality, but I have no doubt there will be other VGNG-themed events in the future. Maybe I'll be able to come up with an actual game then too!

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Oh no.. no..no..no. You're

Oh no..
You're NUTS if you think I'm not STILL going to make Inappropriate Cannibal In The Sky.

I decided I was going to generate a title right before starting in any case.
I just did... it would have been TRIBAL RABBIT HERO. I'm not too hot on that. Maybe it's okay that I didn't submit anything after all?

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This is truly a relief.

This is truly a relief.

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We need more physical

We need more physical trainwrecks like this.