A Boy and His Helicopter Insanity

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fly your helicopter through the sky as it rains lasers! dodge stuff and get points for moving and flying close to the lasers. get hit three times and the game is over.

it was going to be much more intense of a game with a much bigger playing field than this, but as it stands multimedia fusion 1.5 supports only 300 or so objects on the playfield at once. also there's a glitch where the game will be set to maximum intensity from the start if you press control (or whatever your fire 2 is on a keyboard) to restart the game from the game over screen. i said screw it and decided it wasn't a bug, it was a feature.

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I love this as satire of the

I love this as satire of the danmaku style. I've always been turned off by the whole "your hit box is tiny so that when you make it through this grueling bullet pattern you'll feel like a champion" thing. It's a little too disingenuous for me. Attempting to dodge with "the broadside of a barn" is hilarious.

Anybody up for comparing scores? I'll play seriously if anybody's up for it.

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Regular starting difficulty.

Regular starting difficulty. No visible hit box.
This was my score:


When things start coming at you from the right... and then at increased frequency... the THREE second ghosting is a wonderful gift.
Resituating yourself in those three seconds always feels like a strategic coup.

I still feel like this score was pitiful, but I figured I'd kick off a friendly challenge.

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I've always been interested

I've always been interested in exploiting the phenomenon of illusory motion in games. Does the background in this game seem to be getting darker for anybody else?

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a satire of bullet hell as a

a satire of bullet hell as a genre? while i intended the game more as a homage to the genre, i think that's a valid interpretation too

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I never was any good at

I never was any good at bullet hell type games, the insanity of this one just can't be denied however.

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that means i accomplished my

that means i accomplished my goal then