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A "local multiplayer mouse-based tug of war platform fighter." I've typed this phrase approximately 3000 times. I've typed the explanation for what that means 3000 more. This is my fault for making such a high concept video game.

You and your opponent stand or sit across from one another. The mouse is in between you. You each place a hand on your side of the mouse. When the game begins, the goomba-like monster is mouse controlled. Try to move it towards your lumberjack to get them to jump on it. If they do, THEY become mouse controlled and you now must move your lumberjack towards your opponent's lumberjack to bounce off of them and reduce their lives to zero.

It's also possible to win by reducing your opponent's OUCH meter to zero. Do this by getting them to land in the same place the just-jumped-on monster sits dazed.

Thirdly, the monster will "explode" when the timer runs out in a timed match. Anybody standing nearby will immediately have their lives reduced to zero (even if their life bar is set to infinite! Yow!). By "anybody" I mean "anybody who exists inside of the game." You, the player, should be safe.

I made the game customizable so you could theoretically do a "ouch drain only" match or a "countdown to destruction" match where you try to get the opponent exploded when the timer hits zero.

Not everybody is able or willing to use the mouse so you can also use the keyboard keys or the left thumbstick on an Xbox controller.

I think this is a pretty fun little bite-sized party game (ANOTHER genre???) and I hope you have fun with it too!

Attached is a .gif to give a better idea of how the game plays.

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