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1hgj - Decisions


DECISIONS, originally made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was Second Chance.

Imagine if you were just released from prison. What would you do next? Click your left mouse button on the choice you select.

PLEASE NOTE: there have been reports that this doesn't work as intended with the Chrome browser. However I've tested it on two different machines using Firefox, and have had no issues. Please switch browsers if at any time it seems like the game "hangs" on a screen with no more choices.

Music is "Tell Tale" by DST, found on the website. Minimal SFX made by me in BFXR. All event coding by me in Clickteam Fusion.

Game is now version 1.1, providing a bit more feedback and some more interesting (forced) choices.


(PS: I made this game one-armed... I had surgery on a shoulder just a few days ago and it's still in a sling. Typing takes a surprisingly long time.)

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this is not like an egglike
the pc and mac versions are different
(if you can play the pc one, play that)
music by my friend

for James

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American Baseball


I've been listening to a lot of American Football, so this game is American Baseball.
The differences between the MMF and KNP files is that the KNP one has negative scoring. 8-)

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Ansi Amateur voice acting Mdickie Fun Secret Xtreme Programmer art Ansi Fun Ansi Serious Mdickie Amateur voice acting Fun Steve


Ansi Amateur voice acting Mdickie Fun Secret Xtreme Programmer art Ansi Fun Ansi Serious Mdickie Amateur voice acting Fun
Steve moraff Attitude Fun Serious Ansi Programmer art Attitude Ansi Attitude Ansi Programmer art Ansi Programmer art Serious Fun Mdickie

is a secret santa game for HUGS you can read what he wanted in his game here

If you want to know more about the game you should just start playing it.

It was made in TGF1, so all you KNP'ers who wanna break it open: just a heads up!

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Minimum Wage: Hunger


A quick weekend jam about food deserts and urban poor. Designed for 2 players at the same keyboard (WASD, Arrow Keys + shared Mouse).

Scott Stephan
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Spend All Your Allowance On Firecrackers


As we all know, the only thing worth spending your money on is firecrackers. Spend all your allowance on firecrackers and throw them into the quarry.

Arrow Keys: Move
Space Bar: Throw firecrackers.

Marek Kapolka
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An event

Death Scorpions From Hell II


We here at Makai Sasori wish to let you know the sequel to our previous game Death Scorpions From Hell actually works. The members of the team that let the buggy version of our previous game be released have been dealt with by our resident ninja squad. Those that survived impalement and incineration by our greatest ninja member have been transformed into puppets of death by our other ninja member.

Arrows/joystick = movement
Button 1 = shoot laser vision

Destroy as many Death Scorpions From Hell as you can before you die.

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Pirate Kart 2
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