American Baseball

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I've been listening to a lot of American Football, so this game is American Baseball.
The differences between the MMF and KNP files is that the KNP one has negative scoring. 8-)

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An event


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I like how this game reminds

I like how this game reminds me of what baseball feels like for individual players. The is so much build-up and anticipation on a moment that is incredibly likely to show a moment of failure. There has to be this strange psychological result on players who are successful with such infrequency and who depend on the chances that their team as a whole will experience slightly more moments of brief success that the other team as a whole will. It's a fresh and blunt perspective. Thanks.

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Oh, wow! I didn't realize

Oh, wow! I didn't realize anyone commented on this one! Yeah, this game was just as blunt as the baseball bat. I'm glad you got all of this out of it!