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Cool Slide 1


Ride the cool slide and get some "air" by freefalling. But don't freefall too long, or you'll explode!

The slide interconnects in many places, and a lot of the skill comes from jumping from slide to slide.

I made this because I had some slide tech lying around, and decided to just make something new with it.


Q. This game is called "cool slide 1". Will there be a cool slide 2?

A. Maybe

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American Baseball


I've been listening to a lot of American Football, so this game is American Baseball.
The differences between the MMF and KNP files is that the KNP one has negative scoring. 8-)

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Wizards are Blocking my Free Throws!


Wizards are blocking all of your free-throws. What a bunch of jerks! Show those wizards who is the true champion.

Alec Thomson
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You are an up-and-coming rower, hoping to represent your beloved country at the next Rowlympic Games. Compete in this 1 KM time trial to earn your place on the team.

Developed for Pirate Kart V in a single evening, with a broken arm.

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Football to people who don't like football: A SIMULATOR


For people who do not like the footballs. Use this on football fans to show them what they're watching looks like to non football fans. Accurate simulation to 1/1000 degree of realistic-accuracy and tested by experts on a field.


British Games For British Peoples
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Hacky Sim

Screen shot 2012-02-25 at 8.10.57 PM.png

a realistic hacky sack simulator. Will build a web version later, need to get the newer version of unity.

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Motocross TGF


A really, really shoddy Motocross Maniacs knock-off. For the first time in a while, I've actually made a Trainwreck that was, well, a Trainwreck! Done in TGF because that's what I first seriously used to make games as a kid.

If you've never heard of Motocross Maniacs, shame on you. Here's a video:

Shift to accelerate, and hold Up at the tops of ramps to jump higher off of them. I didn't feel like adding Nitro. Deal with it.

The loops are shitty path movement sequences where you collect items that don't mean anything. They are very important to collect in Motocross Maniacs, but not in Motocross TGF, because I was lazy and trying to create something shitty without any regard for quality. Enjoy.

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Grenade Pong


DISCLAIMER: This took four hours to make, which is inexcusable. The only consolation in this is that it's a much higher quality game than I normally turn in.

My original idea was to make some kind of EXTREME TENNIS game where the ball was a grenade and the players were carrying machine guns, but because I couldn't be bothered to put in a net or introduce bounce physics and stuff I ended up making GRENADE PONG instead.

Each player is equipped with a gun and a forcefield. Like Pong, the aim of the game is to bat the grenade off the opposite side of the screen. Unlike pong, you can only deflect the ball when your forcefield is activated, and your forcefield only stays active for about 1/3rd of a second each time you use it (and takes just over 1 second to recharge). If you touch the bomb while your forcefield is inactive, you lose instantly.

But wait - there's more! You can't move and fire. Your characters will automatically aim towards each other, but while you hold down the Fire key you will be able to adjust your aim by pressing your move up/move down keys. Bullets will not kill you, but will hinder your movement around the court - your forcefield will not protect you from this! Bullets do not affect the bomb in any way.


Player 1: WASD to move, G to shoot, Y to use forcefield

Player 2: Arrow keys to move, Page Down to shoot, Page Up to use forcefield

You only play one round at a time and the game will automatically return to the title screen after each round.

Windows only; made in Game Maker 7; .zip includes GM7 file.

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