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Cool Slide 1


Ride the cool slide and get some "air" by freefalling. But don't freefall too long, or you'll explode!

The slide interconnects in many places, and a lot of the skill comes from jumping from slide to slide.

I made this because I had some slide tech lying around, and decided to just make something new with it.


Q. This game is called "cool slide 1". Will there be a cool slide 2?

A. Maybe

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Ultimate Game


This is loosely inspired by Claude Shannon's "Ultimate Machine", but is a little bit different. It's also inspired by Retro Sabotage.

Click a spaceship to place a target. Click another to fire a laser between two ships. Try and destroy multiple ships in one laser strike!

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This seems like a simple jumping game, but these platforms have some kind of trick to them! Some of them will move, some of them will turn. Watch their colours and don't get caught off-guard.

Here's a bit of trivia: it's taken me 1.5 hours just to upload and write descriptions for my Klik of the Month Klub #50 games. Clearly I have underprepared for this arduous occasion.

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