Cool Slide 1

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Ride the cool slide and get some "air" by freefalling. But don't freefall too long, or you'll explode!

The slide interconnects in many places, and a lot of the skill comes from jumping from slide to slide.

I made this because I had some slide tech lying around, and decided to just make something new with it.


Q. This game is called "cool slide 1". Will there be a cool slide 2?

A. Maybe

Made For: 
An event


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The effort you put into

The effort you put into cameras really makes a difference here.
I like how I can't really plan for the jumps, and I don't seem to have any air-control so all my epic moments are naive risk mixed with complete luck.
The overall aesthetic and arrangement make me feel like a kid making dirt-ramps in my friend's backyard. It's all centered around the scope I envision for personal accomplishment (from an unreliable and under-ambitious perspective dedicated to safety), but that doesn't devalue it at all.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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This game kind of reminds me

This game kind of reminds me of when I would go to county fairs as a little kid. They always had this weird multicolored slide that me and my friends would try to race down. When you went over the bumps, it gave this quick jolt in your stomach, and as a little kid, the adrenaline was like magic. I really liked it, and the slide mechanic is super impressive.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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I want to play this so bad!!!!!! but I get a message saying

.BCA ArchiveFile not found

and it immediately closes ): I've tried deleting and redownloading a bunch of times but no ): I need to play this lol . any ideas ??

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Been trying to figure this

Been trying to figure this bug out for a few days and I'm not 100% sure- basically, I know the .BCA is a file stored within the .exe itself. It not being able to find it must be down to the Operating System. What OS are you on?

Also I've been told that other people who have issues with my games can solve some of them by manually updating directX, although that's usually a different error message.

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Typing: 1974-2048

i'm on windows 10. I don't know anything about it so i'll ask my friend who knows windows to help me lol
seriously I already love this game so much at this point

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I uploaded a new version.

I uploaded a new version. See if that works

After uploading another game today, I caught onto some settings that were on that might've had something to do with it. Try this version

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ding dong

it is still not working, it's the same problem! honestly, don't worry about it, i'm already having lots of fun imagining it (really)

p.s. I also tried Caught Between Dimensions but it's the same problem lol

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I'm sad that it won't work!

I'm sad that it won't work! I guess that's computers for you.


Her face says it all.

Well done! :)

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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This was fun! The limited

This was fun! The limited control and gravity focus reminds me a lot of A Reckless Disregard For Gravity.

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It was a cool slide!

I like how you incentivized falling, it feels like my natural inclination on a slide. Checkpoint!