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Super Relaxing Planet


I was toying with a bunch of stuff like planet physics and some cool crystally shaders, and I ended up just building a little planet with a bunch of stuff on it. No interaction, it's really just a walking sim. Although there is some stuff that reacts when you walk into it/onto it...

I also got to give the idea I had for an "autowalk" button in- I always wanted a walking simulator where you could hit a button and your character would walk forward endlessly. This worked out really well on a planet, which is kind of an infinite space.

There ended up being a lot of cool details in this game and it's also the first time I've designed a space on a spherical surface

H: help
WASD: move camera
arrow keys: move
space bar: jump
enter: autowalk
F: look mode
M: mute sound/music
E: toggle walk/run
Also works with Xbox Controller

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Cool Slide 1


Ride the cool slide and get some "air" by freefalling. But don't freefall too long, or you'll explode!

The slide interconnects in many places, and a lot of the skill comes from jumping from slide to slide.

I made this because I had some slide tech lying around, and decided to just make something new with it.


Q. This game is called "cool slide 1". Will there be a cool slide 2?

A. Maybe

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League of Piss


John Fogle, Aini, and the Purple Hat Man are back and ready for a sublime bullet experience. and also driving a bus and this time there are no police but there are stink bugs and also a robot
this game is an adventure point and click game but also there are battles in bullet hell style and also driving a bus.
I started making this game like 6 months ago just as my brain was getting all fucked up but in that time it has gotten pretty much better mostly so I think that you can see some themes like this in the game, or at least maybe you can see the themes that made my brain get better.

hell yedah

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Celebrity [Incomplete]


Everyone wants to be near the World's Coolest Person. Get the audience into their seats so that the show can begin.

Everyone runs away from zombies. Get people to the exits in an orderly and safe manner.

Could coolkids and zombies be friends? Can they work together to solve cooperation-based puzzles? Only time will tell.

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Coincident Spaces

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.32.06 AM.png

Just a neat little experiment about being in two places at once.

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France 2015


a political kind of game

Juliette Bidon
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Surf is up dude

Juliette Porée
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Be sure to check out the further adventures of Coolmann (no relation) at

Von Lemaggio
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Build Your Own Bob Dylan


Ever wanted your own rambling gambling doomed poet? WELL NOW YOU CAN!
Build Your Own Bob Dylan features infinite hours of exciting gameplay!
Place hair, cigarettes, weed, and more!
Enjoy high-tech renditions of your favorite Bob Dylan classic, "Like a Rolling Stone!"
Play Now!

Marek Kapolka
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