Coincident Spaces

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Just a neat little experiment about being in two places at once.

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An event


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that was great

that was great

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This works really well. I

This works really well.
I want to give you credit for how much the explicitness of the sound-track unifies this piece.
Also I really like coming across the windows that inform me that there is an outside to this hallucinatory labyrinth. I find that comforting; a comfort that seems purposely avoided in claustrophobic games like Catacombs of Solaris and blitmaze

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Great, I had a lot of fun

Great, I had a lot of fun exploring the spaces, and also figuring out and internalizing the structure of the game. Stumbling across the bathtub was a great moment.

Bathroom Fun

I just enjoyed manipulating the texture positions so the bathroom/sink room was entirely surrounded with molten lava. :)

Also, looking up while moving forward was a dizzying, disorientating experience (at least along one axis). Highly recommended.

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I found myself pressing

I found myself pressing against that one wall where the texture was just undistorted enough to pretend I was only navigating one space.

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Clever idea

The idea of being in two spaces at once and having to navigate one by relying on the other is very clever, and makes me wonder what other kinds of mechanics similar to this could be uncovered with some experimentation and creativity...

I definitely recommend checking this out if you haven't already played it!

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It's things like this that

It's things like this that make me happy to be alive

This is really really good!

This is really really good! I was left wishing there was more to explore :o