Celebrity [Incomplete]


Everyone wants to be near the World's Coolest Person. Get the audience into their seats so that the show can begin.

Everyone runs away from zombies. Get people to the exits in an orderly and safe manner.

Could coolkids and zombies be friends? Can they work together to solve cooperation-based puzzles? Only time will tell.

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An event

Minor Celebrity on the Red Carpet


Talk to the celebrities on the red carpet to try to raise your status. Be warned, the celebs might ignore you (especially if they're A-list). Raise your status to 50 before the awards show begins and you'll get your name in the magazines!

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An event

Celebrity Let's Get a Headache


Get a headache with the new edition of this instant classic. Featuring appearances from your favorite celebrities, including an appearance from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! (pictured)

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An event
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