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League of Piss


John Fogle, Aini, and the Purple Hat Man are back and ready for a sublime bullet experience. and also driving a bus and this time there are no police but there are stink bugs and also a robot
this game is an adventure point and click game but also there are battles in bullet hell style and also driving a bus.
I started making this game like 6 months ago just as my brain was getting all fucked up but in that time it has gotten pretty much better mostly so I think that you can see some themes like this in the game, or at least maybe you can see the themes that made my brain get better.

hell yedah

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Kick Jumper


Something i made on KnP. click on the screen to do jump kicks to the robots but avoid the walls.

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A and B

872 game.PNG

Robot A and Robot B must escape the dungeon boxes. The Purple Cyrstals rotate Robot B. The Green Cyrstals teleport Robot A and Robot B if they both pass through the Green Cyrstal. The Yellow Cyrstals can create objects.

WASD- Move around Robot A
Arrow Keys - Move around Robot B

The Song Saloon is by Smurd ->

This game is creative commons attribution blah blah blah.

Marie Gevaudan
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PROTECT EVERYTHING: All at once (from robots)



Your 5 most precious treasures have been besieged! By ROBOTS!

Use the mouse to move, and keys 1 to 5 to teleport from valuable to valuable, dispatching robots with your ninja reflexes and sword. Survive for as long as possible, though in the end, ROBOTS ALWAYS WIN.

Also R restarts.

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Zip file contains a .mfa file that can only be opened with MMF2/TGF2. So don't waste your time downloading it unless you happen to have either of them installed. Sorry about that. :/ It was supposed to build a flash version of the game but that came out buggy and unplayable, so. Yeah. Wasted so much time on this... Argh.
But if at least one person plays it and enjoys it even a little, it'd be worth it.
Too frustrated/hungry/tired to write a description right now.

So, thanks to ExciteMike, it's now available in a convenient .exe format.

Just a simple, tiny, very hard shoot em up. You control this space squid thing (that totally doesn't look like a space squid) and climb around while shooting robots and space jellyfish (definitely doesn't look like jellyfish.). There's no ending or anything, it goes on forever. Well, in theory, at least. It becomes pretty much humanly impossible at around level 20 or so.

Sound effects by Effbee. Thanks! Saved me a lot of time.
Also very briefly uses a font made by Anna Anthropy/Dessgeega.

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Robot Royale w/ Cheese!


Player 1: Mash Z and X to win
Player 2: Mash N and M to win

Adrian Gordon (Code) + Arran Langmead (Art)
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RealTime Robots


In my mind, this is the game that spawned the Klik of the Month Klub.

I made this game in early 2000, for a game programming competition that I proposed for Teen Programmers Unite. The object? Make a game, using the Allegro game-making library that was popular at the time, in just four hours. An impartial third party came up with the theme, like Iron Chef. Myself and one other guy actually pulled it off.

The theme: make a realtime version of Robots. This is my entry. I would forever remember the experience as one of the most exhilarating and satisfying I'd ever had.

And of course, that practical experience as a teenager was what convinced me years later that making a game in two hours using Klik & Play would actually be possible, and really, really fun.

(If you can tell me where "It's a beaker, Todd!" comes from I will give you one million points. There are only three hits for that phrase on Google, is how inside that joke is.)

Hit T to teleport, click the mouse to call in an airstrike, and hit ESC to quit.

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ECIN - Robot Delivery



ECIN is a game played with the 'E', 'C', 'I', and 'N' keys.

Help the robots pass boxes down the line.


The in-game music is "ROBOTBIRTHDAY", a dumb song about robots' birthdays i made in WarioWare DIY.

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Fast Robots! (Bangai-O Spirits Level)

Bangai-O Spirits_45_9990.png

This is a level for the Nintendo DS game Bangai-O Spirits. This game's oft-touted "Sound Load" function allows the DS microphone to read this sound file from your computer and thus download the level.

If you think about it, FastBots are probably the most well-developed enemies in this game, in that you have to explicitly examine them and watch their actions to an even greater extent than Longai-O's, NinjaBots or BatBots. Their invincibility while lunging automatically forces you to be careful in deploying your EX, and their machine guns preclude a frontal assault or single body-barge as soon as they stop moving.

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robots hate motorcycles, they see it as a mockery of their mechanical life

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Pirate Kart 2
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