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Robot A and Robot B must escape the dungeon boxes. The Purple Cyrstals rotate Robot B. The Green Cyrstals teleport Robot A and Robot B if they both pass through the Green Cyrstal. The Yellow Cyrstals can create objects.

WASD- Move around Robot A
Arrow Keys - Move around Robot B

The Song Saloon is by Smurd -> http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Smurd/rORRET_tENALP/03_Saloon

This game is creative commons attribution blah blah blah.

Marie Gevaudan
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An event


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If i have enough interest

If i have enough interest i'll consider doing an expansion and giving out the source files so people can make their own level packs. Maybe someone can brainstorm new Cyrstals?

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That was fun! I can totally

That was fun! I can totally see this expanding and being able to make a whole lot more stuff in this. I think a higher jump crystal would be something that would make sense. Maybe also create some stuff that was time secretive. Yeah, I want to see more levels!