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Xena: Warrior Princess: Golf Tour Championship


In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings...
A land in turmoil cried out for a hero.
She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.
And she wanted to play some golf! Heck yeah!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Xena: Warrior Princess: Golf Tour Championship

Collect 30 chakrams and become a mighty warrior golf princess!

SPACE - Jump, Doublejump, Walljump etc.
ESC - Menu

Made for the glorious Grid Grind 2021.
Location: A Golf Course
Persona: Xena, Warrior Princess
Thing: The Evil Mirror
Bonus Spice: Quake Surf Map

Post your high scores, if you dare..!!!

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Pitch and Putt Club


A golf simulator that allows you to actually, physically play golf using your computer's mouse as the target hole. I'm sure most people reading this do not have golf balls and clubs laying around, but part of the appeal is that anything you want to use can fulfill those roles. I did not intend for the first two sentences to rhyme with each other.

Work on this began in September 2018, and I kept putting it away due to various life circumstances, as well as getting frustrated because my grand ideas were not always possible - or the solution for making them possible wasn't readily apparent to me. All in all, if I tallied up the amount of time I actively spent working on it, excluding the brainstorming stage, it probably took me a month's worth of full time work. I'm happy with the end result, a funny program that lets you to play a pretty well known game in a way that's just slightly different enough to seem weird and interesting.

Something I discovered during development, while I was testing this, is that you can play this game without actually treating it like a golf game. You can just swat the mouse around to activate the "hole out", and it almost takes on this fidget-spinner type quality to it. So while I keep referring to this as a "game" or a "golf simulator", in many ways it can also serve as a toy.

I'm glad to be able to work on other stuff now, free from the looming spectre of "but you haven't finished Pitch and Putt Club."

Hope someone out there enjoys this!

Scroungin' 4 Catsup
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Kidz Sportz Crazy Mini-Golf Hole Digger

2019-01-27 03_13_45-Kidz Sports Shovel Golf.png

Another entry in the wildly popular Kidz Sportz series, Kidz Sportz Crazy Mini-Golf Hole Digger combines the thrilling action of miniature golf with the back-breaking labor of digging holes - every kid's dream!

Choose where to place the hole in each mini-golf arena by digging it yourself! Click any of the shaded areas to dig a hole there, then shoot your ball into it. The left and right arrow keys adjust the putt direction and holding the space bar will draw your club back for a hit. Hold it down longer for a bigger hit!

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candice bergen presents: laser chicken rescue


help candice bergen in candice bergen's mind-blowing premiere -- innocent baby chicks are rescued from the wrath of nature? it is up to you to help candice bergen discover the power within

racarate + kikimarie
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Passage 18: Jason Rohrer's Pro Skater: PHYSIX


Now powered by physics, the Passage series is back with a spine-tingling new installment! THRILL as your low-resolution avatar converts a golf course into a skate park and skates with the power of his own mind! Grind rails! Go off sweet ramps! Ram golf balls into holes! GRIND ON YOUR OWN HEAD. Anything is possible in Passage 18. ANYTHING. And yes, that is a legally binding statement.

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Grizzly Golf



Arrow keys move. Cursor aims. Left mouse hits ball. Time the power bar for the right power!

Based on a title suggested by Eli Z. McCormick.

John D. Moore
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Getalong Golfhop


Complete this platforming course in as few strokes as possible! Try and get to the hole under par!

Arrows to move; Up, Space or Z to jump.
Music is "Manchega - Etude de Concert" by Louis Moreau Gottschalk.

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Miniature Golf


Put the ball in the cup and avoid obstacles. Use the mouse to play.

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Tiger Woods Golf '11


Time to play some golf bitches

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Pirate Kart 2
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