Xena: Warrior Princess: Golf Tour Championship

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In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings...
A land in turmoil cried out for a hero.
She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.
And she wanted to play some golf! Heck yeah!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Xena: Warrior Princess: Golf Tour Championship

Collect 30 chakrams and become a mighty warrior golf princess!

SPACE - Jump, Doublejump, Walljump etc.
ESC - Menu

Made for the glorious Grid Grind 2021.
Location: A Golf Course
Persona: Xena, Warrior Princess
Thing: The Evil Mirror
Bonus Spice: Quake Surf Map

Post your high scores, if you dare..!!!

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haha i love the cover image

haha i love the cover image a lot

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heyo! the original version I

heyo! the original version I uploaded had a bug that caused the game to crash on load. I've just uploaded a fixed version, so please give it another spin and let me know if you have any trouble. Thanks!

"You know where I'm headed there'll be trouble." - Xena, Warrior Princess

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I had a lot of fun playing

I had a lot of fun playing this but then I am the Xena fan who suggested her as a theme for the jam. The use of the dramatic sound clips in relation to something as prosaic as golf really did make me laugh. And I enjoyed the gameplay - not sure if anyone has combined golf with monkey ball style mechanics before but it was new to me. It really did feel like a perfect Grid Grind game - it makes me want to look again at my own current WIP and possibly scrap it to try to make something as light-hearted and joyful and just plain fun as this.

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Thank you for the comment

Thank you for the comment and also thanks for suggesting Xena as a theme! It immediately set off some flashbacks to daytime tv in me that really got me into a creative mood :>
The monkey-ball-like movement was more by accident because it seemed a hassle to design a proper golf course. But I'm glad it worked and I also had a lot of fun playing around with the movement.
I hope I didn't topple your current wip plans too much, I'm looking forward to your submission!

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I really enjoy this and plan

I really enjoy this and plan to get more familiar with the course so I can provide some competitive highscores. It feels like some really interesting multiple chakram-shots could be made with all that ball-control and the surfing-spice brings that kind of ambition to the forefront.

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really fun

really fun

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I always appreciate seeing

I always appreciate seeing moss brick textures in 3D worlds

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My friend didn't know who Xena was.

What a shame. This is brilliant.

Very glad I didn't have to collect _every_ chakram. Thankyou for the Linux build, performance is great.

The moving platforms run at a crazy speed on my system -- they might be linked to framerate?

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Amazing title, and the game

Amazing title, and the game didn't disappoint

I haven't kept scores but I want to say the lowest I got was a bit over two and a half minutes

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I laughed

Very novel idea to basically 'start your platformer' from wherever you manage to golf to. I had fun completing it, and the occasional voice clips were as funny as they were surprising during my intense focus on thin platforms.