Grid Grind 2021

Sat, Jul 03 2021 10:12 AM
07/03/2021 - 12:12
09/12/2021 - 23:59

It's that time again, folks! Grid Grind 2021 is upon us!

Six persons... Six places... Six things... How many games can we make?

There are two phases to the Grid Grind.

Phase One (all done!): Populate the Grid. This part is done already.
Phase Two (happening now!): Grind out the games...! We have until just about the middle of September.

Grind out the Games!!! Look at the following Grids for information about what should be in the game/toy/thing you make:

A Spice Cabinet Synthesis Application is currently in development from the fine folks at Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment, but if you want to have an early preview, here's a link to the Spice Cabinet Assets.

HOW TO GRID GRIND: A quick primer.

  1. Visit a link to one of the Grids.
  2. Note that the top of the Grid indicates a LOCATION. This is the first of three elements that should inspire your submission.
  3. The other two components are found in an intersection of a ROW and a COLUMN within the Grid: a PERSONA and a THING.
  4. Use those three elements as inspiration and/or content when creating a game, toy, or other entertainment to share with the Glorious Trainwrecks community (and the rest of the world at large).
  5. If you've done some thought but things just aren't clicking yet, pick one or more things from the Spice Cabinet and see if the new combination is more to your liking.


  1. I follow the link to Grid 4, which is labeled, "A Golf Course."
  2. I look at one of the cells near the middle of the Grid: DONALD + WEAPON.
  3. This means that a Golf Course, Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, and a Useless Weapon should figure into my game in some way...Wow, I think I have some ideas already!
  4. ...Or if I need a li'l something extra, I follow the link to the Spice Cabinet.
  5. Hmm... Hey! Someone suggested a "500-story Building" as a Location. Now, how can I use that along with Donald Fagen and a Useless Weapon? ...A-ha! Now I know!
    And that's how you GRID GRIND.

    That's enough for now...! Thanks for reading, and GO FORTH AND GRID!!!

    Games made for Grid Grind 2021


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Happy to see this happening

Happy to see this happening again!

I'll kick things off with:

Person: Xena
Place: Cult compound
Thing: Wrestling memorabilia

Warrior Princess & Bonuses

Pretty awesome contributions you have here, fizzhog! Thanks for adding them in. :)

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Let's goooooo!

My offerings to the grid are:
-Person: You (the person making the game)
-Thing: Transformation sequence

I may have more offerings as they occur to me, honestly feeling stumped right now.

Meta Game Mania

These will definitely make for some interesting, personal games!

Sure, if you have more suggestions please post them here.


Person: Godzilla
Place: Golf course
Thing: Cheese
hold on .. is it six per person or altogether?


You're welcome to make as many suggestions as you want. There will be a final six grids once it all shakes out, meaning that there will be six of each component to be shared between everyone who participates. Below is a link to GG'20, where you'll see that there were six grids made, each one with six combinations of the other two elements... Hopefully this makes sense:

There's a thing called the Spice Cabinet, where any extra elements will be stored. So, for example we may end up with a bunch of suggestions for People, way more than six. So I'll randomly determine which of the People make it into the grid, then the rest will go to the Spice Cabinet.

To sum it up, this event is about the different combinations of elements, allowing all of us to see what we come up with when we mix the same elements together in different ways. Last year had some wild and incredibly-diverse games and toys, and I'm anticipating the same this year.

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PERSON: Donald Fagen from Steely Dan
PLACE: Pre-Columbian Mexico
THING: 20kg tub of creatine monohydrate powder

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Welp, I now know that I'm

Welp, I now know that I'm going to make a Steely Dan game for the jam

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Person: Hello Kitty Place:

Person: Hello Kitty
Place: Cyberspace
Thing: A plushie/stuffed animal

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Person: someone who has

Person: someone who has significantly different priorities than they used to.

Thing: equanimity

Place: family reunion

Physical Representation

For the "thing," we're looking for a physical object and not exactly a state of being.

For you, what would be some kind of physical object that represents "equanimity" and level-headedness? It doesn't have to be some kind of real-world object, and you are more than welcome to be as specific as you wish.


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A tree.

An equanimous tree.

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Person: Punished "Venom"

Person: Punished "Venom" Snake

Place: "The Forbidden Kingdom" whatever that is

Thing: Somnivexilology

Physical Object

For the "thing," can you think of a physical object that represents somnivexillology? Maybe a flag? A "how-to" manual for rendering somnivexillology images?

What do you think would be the most appropriate physical object to represent this field of study/interest? It doesn't have to be a real-world object, and you can be as specific and detailed as you want. Thanks!

Kate B's picture

in that case I would like to

in that case I would like to swap out "somnivexilology" for: any of the GAN-generated non-things in THIS image: (OR, your own interpretation of a non-thing)

non-things.png728.7 KB
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person: clown sommelier
place: campgrounds
thing: a very niche magazine

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My people places and things

- Furry open species (person)
- Omnipresent public figure (person)
- Tiny ghost that keeps old electronics working (person)
- Liminal pool labyrinth (place)
- 500 story building (place)
- Endless garden (place)
- Quake surf map (place)
- Useless weapon (thing)
- Worm on a string (person/thing)
- Unusual dragon hoard (thing/person in case it's an animate hoard)

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I love these.

I love these.

Quake Surf Map

For the uninitiated. I had to look this up myself:

(Although it doesn't really qualify: personally, I prefer KateB's Cool Slide 1. But I digress...)

Danni's picture

I personally feel like

I personally feel like Kate's game is more like the SM64 slides or old 3D snowboarding games. I was thinking more along the lines of "user-made obstacle course map in an FPS game that abuses the quirky player physics and is also a chat hangout of sorts"

When it comes to the Quake engine I'm thinking more along the lines of how it handles movement along steep slopes:

But I think both are equally valid interpretations.

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Also as far as trainwrecks

Also as far as trainwrecks on this site go, I was thinking of mkapolk's "[fr0g] clan official server 24/7 zk map"

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I didn't even know quake

I didn't even know quake surf maps were a thing before this post, but now I'm hooked on watching them being played on youtube. Idunno why they're so satisfying to watch, but they are.


I just knew y'all wouldn't let the Grid Grind lie fallow. These are truly AWESOME contributions.

We'll take submissions until Saturday, and then the fine folks over at Clark Stanley's and I will have some Grids and Themes prepared for the game-making phase.

Please keep 'em coming!!!

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Person: Hermes

Person: Hermes Trismegistus
Place: Within a glass ampoule
Thing: Antimony

About Mr. Tresmegistus

I had to look up who this fellow happens to be:

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Person: Glup Shitto (from

Person: Glup Shitto (from Star Wars)

Place: In the World of Demons
Thing: The Evil Mirror

Extra: ??? SECRET ???

glupshito.jpg19.12 KB
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This person's username being

This person's username being a very specific Dune reference really makes me question how genuine their post was!

Hi this is my first post

Person: a long-forgotten god
Place: a knick-knack shoppe
Thing: A snail shell with a Nike swoosh on it


...And welcome to GT. :)

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Person: Mabel II, son of

Person: Mabel II, son of Mabel

Please save this one for the spice cabinet!

Will Do!


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Xena episodes

Can anyone recommend a good Xena episode? I found a place to watch them:

Xena Online Library

I don't have Roku, but I did find a fan site online that has stills and episode synopses from the show. It has a massive collection. Hope this is useful!

There's also a database of the cards for the collectible card game found here. Characters and quotes, as well as a general theme of the show (I guess) can be found here:

clyde's picture

I'm trying to get a sense of

I'm trying to get a sense of who she is as a character, but there is so much fighting that it takes a while.

Xena Comics

Ignore the comments, but have a look at the online comic book repository:

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would anyone else wish to

would anyone else wish to extend the jam to like october 12

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I'm still working on mine,

I'm still working on mine, no telling if or when it will arrive.