Clown sommelier in the hell of the evil demons clowns

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Game made for Grid Grind 2021!!!!

Place: the world of demons
Person: Clown sommelier
Thing: cheese

Arrows: move and crouch
Z: jumps
X: shoot cheese

CHEAT: in the tittle screen press UP-Arrow + Z to jump a Boss screen (shhh... it's a secret)

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An event


Good Stuff

Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!!!

Just the sight of the screen shot made me laugh out loud. And boy does this game deliver...!

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Hell is other clowns.

Hell is other clowns.

And this game is totally

And this game is totally hellish, amirite?!!?

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Clowns, clowns everything...

Clowns, clowns everything...

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hardest clown based game i

hardest clown based game i have played. ive played a lotta games with clowns n jokesters n harlequins

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Interesting. From so much

Interesting. From so much testing the game while creating it, it was quite easy for me. I did not think about what is different for the player.
It's something I'll keep in mind for next time.

thanks for playing!!!

(Sorry for my English. I'm using Google Translate.)

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i never knew being a

i never knew being a sommelier is such a hard job