Xena in the Garden of Cheese

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A little thing made for Grid Grind 2021 from 'Endless Garden, 'Xena' and 'Cheese'. I went very literal with the themes. There's not a lot to it - just an arcadey game played for high scores and it makes no sense but I had fun making it and hopefully it will entertain you for a few minutes. And there's lots in there for Xena fans - so much so that it makes the game harder to play but I liked the idea of a game weighed down by (innocuous) fan service.

It seems odd to mention credits for a game so obviously beyond the pale re stealing IP but apart from the makers of the show I used material from xenafan.com, OpenGameArt.org, Pixabay.com and freesound.org.

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I love it! Especially all

I love it! Especially all the little gifs and sound snippets. And where did you get that amazing midi rendition of the Xena theme? :D
My best score so far is 110 on Xena difficulty. I haven't quite figured out the best strategy for timing the big cheese and end up accidentally getting speed boosts.

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Glad you enjoyed it. I

Glad you enjoyed it. I started it after playing yours - as I said in my response to your game, the thing I was working on at the time was a bit too serious and I felt inspired to work on something that was more just simple fun. In my 'research' I came across a recent interview with Lucy Lawless in which she said we should embrace the cheesiness of Xena and that was a definite inspiration too. The MIDI theme is great - I just had the thought 'I wonder if someone has done a MIDI version?' and did a quick google but it didn't say who made it so I couldn't give credit. The difference between the difficulty levels is the speed at which the lights change; on Xena difficulty (hardest) they move so fast that the result is likely to be more or less random; on easier difficulties if you watch the lights and wait for the big cheese to get lower then you should be able to time your shots.