The Worshipful Temple of Hermes Trismegistus

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Themes: Still Life with Non-Things, Family Reunion, Hermes Trismegistus. These took me to a strange place so ... erm ... enjoy? And yes, the movement is meant to be like that.

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the controls are certainly

the controls are certainly weird... the speed is unpleasant in some ways but also makes sense because you are in a small space. I got every piece of paper and it was pretty satisfying.

like how I paid more attention to details, in a way the speed could also be interpreted as being very small in a much larger space. for instance I liked how some things were hidden in nooks and corners in places that didn't at first seem accessible.

Also I liked what was on the ceiling when I eventually looked up, which I didn't think to do until near the end

cool space, cozy. .i

cool space, cozy. .i understood these 5 creatures to be conversing in a language i couldnt understand. a family reunion?
i really wanted to pick up all the bits of paper and piece them together but i wasn't patient enough since it took so long to move around and look around. sometimes i clicked on bits of paper but couldn't pick them up, i guess cause i wasn't close enough. anyway it was nice!