Birdman VS Ratman


so I started a FPS where you throw hotdogs .. how even it ended up like this

Romantic Squirrel Massacre
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What engine is this?? How is

What engine is this?? How is the executable so small?? Why does all the collision actually work??

i guess im now double answering oh well

it's slightly the same as the Melonman engine (custom, ms visual c++, opengl etc) (i guess custom engine also explains the small exe and the collisions)
to how to do the terrain i got the idea from hedgewars (it breaks it up to 128x128 textures so only has to reupload a tile when its changed, no code was copied from it, its just using the same idea)


Smooth mechanics and controls... Exquisite collection of background and foreground graphics... Plus, Lucy even sports the classic square-cut bangs!

I felt clever and agile when I started shooting and jumping into upward-angled tunnels I had just made. Nice work!

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Fresh, new gameplay

Really liked it.

It almost felt like there was no health bar, but in the end I discovered I did have limited health. Still, pushing it really far off (and instead having the main punishment mechanic being pushed & shot) made for a really interesting game.

For some reason I'm really hungry now.