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ΓͰ‖Π|: (Asemic Game)


15TH Anniversary GAME 2 / ??

Demo of a game never finished. I thought it interesting so here it is.
asemic means without meaning. I wanted a whole rpg no one could read

Arrows - move
R - reset level
N - next frame

Maze code by everythingstaken
animations by gisbrecht

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warning there is a jump scare you will be scared

Duendes are like gnomes or something

you and your friend are playing soccer when suddenly...

made for grid jam 2021

pre-columbian Mexico

long forgotten god (fairies are kinda like gods reduced in rank right... somethin)



Setup player 2 in the players screen (ctrl+y)


Ghouls n Ghosts Stage 3


Francisco Goya

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Gnome Gnattles


Gnomes fight to the death... One will emerge victorious.

Sometimes the gods show pity on the Gnomes and give them life rocks

Setup controls for player 1 to be WASD

WASD - Player 1 move
E, Q - Player 1 weapons
Arrows - Player 2 move
Shift, Numpad 1 - Player 2 weapons

Music is remix of fotocopiadora - espíritu del bosque
Gnome drawn by fotocopiadora
Sound effects from dark souls 3, klik & play

Made for grid 4 mysterious industrial building + fantasy creatures + edible rocks

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Dr. Gnome


Dr Gnome is a terrible doctor

he has no medical license

WARNING: spawns about 900 objects accidentally, do not play if you have like 1 gb of ram

For Grid 2 Reverse Gravity World + Fantasy Creatures + Medicine

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Garden Space


"Garden Space" was created in 4 hours by Matt Rix based on some tweeted suggestions.

Use your mouse to protect Neil.

Matt Rix
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Imported - Laptop Lid Roulette


Imported from Developer Diaries. Visit the link to download the game and see all old comments.

Original description:

Based on the recent GNOME 3 power management controversy.

Made on an operating environment that allows the user to choose what they want to do when they close the laptop lid!

Why would you do this, GNOME devs? Oh, right, because you're GNOME devs!

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