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I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHAT I JUST MADE This was supposed to be an actual game but instead it just turned into this thing with rainbow orbs and a crazy kaleidoscope effect on the screen, and you can drag the orbs around or you can adjust the kaleidoscope effect with the sliders? IT'S REALLY COOL AND I'M NOT COMPLETELY CERTAIN HOW IT WORKS

Music by Liz Ryerson

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An event

The Highly Dangerous Adventures of Nitroglycerin Man


Meet Nitroglycerin Man, a superhero with an explosive origin story. He's on his first mission – and you have to help him!

Use the arrow keys to move Nitroglycerin Man.

This game is 100% beatable, I promise.

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Imported - Laptop Lid Roulette


Imported from Developer Diaries. Visit the link to download the game and see all old comments.

Original description:

Based on the recent GNOME 3 power management controversy.

Made on an operating environment that allows the user to choose what they want to do when they close the laptop lid!

Why would you do this, GNOME devs? Oh, right, because you're GNOME devs!

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It's like knocking over dominoes, except with explosions...?

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Pirate Kart 2
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