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A dishonest puzzler

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A "puzzle" game based around trial and error and being unfair and unintuitive. There could be an invisible button you have to press, a wall that is fake and lets you pass through it or a glitch you have to find that lets you fall through the floor. You wont know if any of these are the right answer until you try them.

I used art that I made 6 months ago so i'm sorry for the quality but I couldn't be bothered making new art.

If the game lags or is running slow try to use the shaderless version. if not don't play the shaderless version because that's not the intended experience.

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I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHAT I JUST MADE This was supposed to be an actual game but instead it just turned into this thing with rainbow orbs and a crazy kaleidoscope effect on the screen, and you can drag the orbs around or you can adjust the kaleidoscope effect with the sliders? IT'S REALLY COOL AND I'M NOT COMPLETELY CERTAIN HOW IT WORKS

Music by Liz Ryerson

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Made For: 
An event
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