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BINKY XIII: The Fourth Dimension


The thirteenth in the award winning BINKY Series.

The fans had a rumor that "BINKY would get stuck somewhere again..." posted by SodaBob32015, but did they expect it to be... the FOURTH DIMENSION?

New Exciting Interview:

Developer 1: The third dimension wasn't enough, wasn't enough!
Developer 2: We checked out a lot of books on geometry on the library, but it seems that BINKY had already gotten stuck for us!
Developer 1: It was very kind of our funny dinosaur friend.
Developer 3: Is BINKY a dinosaur? Maybe they are a kangaroo?
[Everyone laughs]

Q and A:

Q: Where is BINKY XII?
A: It is on my computer!

Q: [BUBBO I spoilers] V gubhtug UREEL gur pureel jnf rivy abj?
A: I don't know what you are saying!


WASD,Arrow Keys - Movement


Tesseract by Jason Hise at English Wikipedia https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tesseract.gif
Tiles from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup https://github.com/crawl/tiles
Herry the Cherry from DR. HELLO, modified.
Characters from Feng Shen Bang (Famicom), modified.


JAZZY1.MID from The Games Factory

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BINKY VIII: Binky Pool Legend


The eighth in the award winning BINKY Series.

"To master the game, you must know it inside and outside, leftwise and rightwise."
Doctor Brain, Department of Game Studies, Mars University FF09-A.

BINKY, RUFF the dog, evil doctor ROBOLLOYD, the FAIRY QUEEN and the FAIRY have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle, or should I say pool?

Every Letter of the Alphabet - Launch BINKY based on the direction of the arrow.
Space Bar - Launch BINKY based on the direction of the arrow.

City of Doom by Action 52 transcribed by B. Busta

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