BINKY XIII: The Fourth Dimension

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The thirteenth in the award winning BINKY Series.

The fans had a rumor that "BINKY would get stuck somewhere again..." posted by SodaBob32015, but did they expect it to be... the FOURTH DIMENSION?

New Exciting Interview:

Developer 1: The third dimension wasn't enough, wasn't enough!
Developer 2: We checked out a lot of books on geometry on the library, but it seems that BINKY had already gotten stuck for us!
Developer 1: It was very kind of our funny dinosaur friend.
Developer 3: Is BINKY a dinosaur? Maybe they are a kangaroo?
[Everyone laughs]

Q and A:

Q: Where is BINKY XII?
A: It is on my computer!

Q: [BUBBO I spoilers] V gubhtug UREEL gur pureel jnf rivy abj?
A: I don't know what you are saying!


WASD,Arrow Keys - Movement


Tesseract by Jason Hise at English Wikipedia
Tiles from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Herry the Cherry from DR. HELLO, modified.
Characters from Feng Shen Bang (Famicom), modified.


JAZZY1.MID from The Games Factory

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You did it.

When you started this series and I was playing these games. I got like really frustrated conceptually by these games. How they looked frustrated me, the fact that you can't interact with anything in most of them drove me insane. Not having any direction frustrated me. And then I got used to them and I went back and played them and as I like knew what the joke was I came to expect something and became comfortable and was liking them all. Then I booted this up and as soon as I collided with the wall, I immediately knew what I was in store for. I think this game threw me into something close to claustrophobia (It's strange that it could be claustrophobia because it is a game which you expect to interact with, but I don't think I would be claustrophobic with this content if it were an animation or something, just interesting to think about [studies of how to make a claustrophobic game]). I saw the scrolling text and was like, "Okay, here we go!" I patiently waited for each letter to appear on the screen. I thought, maybe it will be over soon, the music cut out and restarted and I had another intense frustration. I thought that it couldn't last more than two loops, but I was incorrect. I then saw the screaming and thought, oh my god, how long will this text stay on screen. I was surprised that it didn't last very long. And then, I was maybe a little disappointed that it didn't go on. I'm now on like the third rotation of the dialogue and now this game is comforting to me. I think it is great that these games still give me a sense of shock. I am getting a slight sense of personality for all of the characters which is fun having played all of these games. My favorite part of this game was when Binky said something about them rotating like taffy and it made me think about what was happening ins a spacial sense. Noticing that you can see Binky sorta transparently through the tesseract made me question what was really going on which really put my brain through the blender. I am very excited to see where the characters go in the future.

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Thank you everythingistaken

Thank you everythingistaken for this very large comment... I will also reply with a large comment! Why can't we interact with everything? I made the first Binky in 2017 in Clickteam and I didn't know to do much. So obviously it was not my goal to make interaction. I am glad you have learned to enjoy somewhat of the joke, even though the later Binky works somewhat diverge from this (VII,VIII,IX etc...). I do not think of the Binky works as a claustrophobia, but more of merely wacky situations: Binky was on Venus, Binky was in a traffic jam, but they got out every time! However I am sorry that you felt claustrophobic from Binky's temporary plight. The music repeats, video game music must loop. It seems an ancient sacrilege to attempt otherwise. You were patient enough to enjoy the text three times, that is good. I got distracted myself, for I was tired. The characters have personality, I hope that is apparent without the supplemental BUBBO LAND comics. On a tiny 640x480 game world, it is hard to display much text to give personality. The scrolling text works well in some ways, but the more complicated narrative of BUBBO I hopefully was enjoyable to those who played, albeit mostly as BINKY, for Dragon Island is far away from Bubbo Land proper. Why Binky is transparent, it is because the gif is originally on a black background and some of the tesseract was black as well, so when making all 48 or so frames transparent, then some of the tesseract became a transparency as well. Where will Binky characters go next? Maybe to planet Pluto? Maybe somewhere completely different...

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I thought the transparency

I thought the transparency on the tesseract was intentional, because it gives a great effect of obscuring the readability of the scene. It makes it look like binky is INSIDE the tesseract... wonderful.

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I honestly feel like I need

I honestly feel like I need to start with my one complaint, which is that I wish the text moved faster. I was constantly thinking about the text speed while playing/watching it unfold. However, it could be that it's part of the effect? I am well familiar with slow moving media of such (to speak generally, like internet era multi-medias) templates, and I generally quit before it's done because it makes me fidgety.

however! in this situation, the dialogue had me laughing out loud ("lol"!) multiple times. I love the intense hijinks you are constantly inventing for Binky, they are so fascinating and entertaining. I like how this game is kind of like a play, as in everyhting unfolds in front of you with a focus on dialogue, regardless of whatever you do (or do not do). Binky is a hero.