now i get it. yeah, that was quite nice. gr9 work

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Probably the shortest comment I've ever seen you give! Guess the game warrants it.


I am kinda amazed how you handled the event, and uhh.. it was very hard pling thing (pling thing is my thing) and i liked how simple it was. I probably spent a good quarter to half hour getting to the X, but I also tried playing my first plingthing and thought "wow, it was a lot easier for me when i was making it" so there's that. The simplicity of it and the flippers representing something.. the whole time I didn't expect they read something at all, so when I saw the message I was perplexed.. that and the son named flipper comment. "why would he name him flipper?" Ohhhhhhhh, it makse sense now. That's why that's all I really had to say to sum it out.

I guess the overall approach is that it takes a lot to win, but even more to be playing catch in the first place. It's a lot like catch, or bounce. It is in itself a complete package and that's what I find most admirable about it. Plus listening to the sounds and movements of a plingthing almost was nostalgia since I haven't seen one since july last year. The quieter more colours/paths variation has been more of a norm.

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I like the idea of

I like the idea of playing-catch being represented here.

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if i ever have a son i'm

if i ever have a son i'm going to name him "Flipper"

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Your son

Is your son going to be a dolphin?

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This reminded me of a PSA

This reminded me of a PSA that the college radio station I listen to plays all the time. The "I love you too son!" line pops in my head from time to time.

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Oh god

Oh god, this game is that PSA! Damn.