Jumper 4 Real (v0.7.1)

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here's jumper 4 real right now. it comes with a pretty nice editor, a help file, a tutorial levelset, a recreation of some levels from jumper 2, and two short probably way too hard levelsets. and some other junk. and my own music.

the version listed as for linux is just the original .love source; j4r hasn't been tested for any platform other than windows.
(though when i was testing the exe in the "windows version" the music randomly cut out at one point, so installing love and running the .love version is probably the most stable)

assuming that the game actually works right now unlike cute jump 2 on launch, you can make your own levelsets and share them with other people. yay. cool. if it doesn't work tell me and then i'll fix it. yay. cool.

ogmo 4ever.

OCTOBER 31ST 2023: version update from v0.6.0 to v0.7.1. added gems, lightbridges, new sfx (no more SMW rips), and control rebinding menu. among other stuff. check the changelog ingame (press F1) for more details

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you might notice that the "j2recreations" levelset is missing from v0.7.1 onward.

it consisted of recreated levels from jumper 2. for the most part it was ok, if not bizarre to muscle memory (and with one jump in particular over a spikeball being way more difficult than usual). however, when i tried adding gems, it turned out that they were a hassle to collect, because ogmo's physics are a lot less floaty in j4r than in j2. so i got frustrated with how awful it felt and how j4r wasn't really able to recreate jumper 2 with its current physics (which i am mostly happy with otherwise and consider finalized). so i took out the levelset from the built-in selection.

you can still download and play it, though. extract Jumper 2 Recreations.zip, then take the "j2recreations" folder and put it in the game's ext_levelsets folder.
(you can locate ext_levelsets by going into a levelset in the editor and pressing ctrl+F, which takes you to the folder for that levelset, which itself is inside ext_levelsets).
just be warned it's probably not very fun.

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