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Rhymes with Art


Rhyming can be fun
But there's more than one!
Flickgames convey
Whatever I say.

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nov bday pack


i do digital bday cards for friends, most of them are made in blender or p.shop but i decided to make games for three of them lol

EDIT: oh shoot i can just paste ilnks lol

also here's one for neal from OCTOBER : https://quasiotter.itch.io/neal-lol password is neal

is there anyone else who does little games as bday cards??

ALSO: this is a general note to everyone, i'm using a mac 94% of the time and i forget to look at this site when i switch to windows :(

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You Have to Put the Machine in the Juni


Contains two endings. One of them makes perfect sense, one doesn't.

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It's Not Complicated


It's actually quite simple!


Here we go, I found something to do in Flickgame!
This game is totally artistic. I recently concluded that the world isn't really that complicated after all. Until I explain what I mean exactly, because then you're gonna disagree. And it's not gonna be simple anymore. So I'm not gonna do that. Here I tried to engage into some reductionism and of course failed. The caveats would always be there. Anyway. This thing here... it does say something, I would say! Let me think... it's about privilege? Cognitive dissonance? Maybe! Who knows. After all, you can only say this is a game about that vague idea I had in mind if I manage to successfully convey that idea. Otherwise it becomes a game about something else or nothing.

Give me your artistic analysis, you beautiful people.

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it wajad


I doubt my ability to produce 16 in 16hrs, but am glad to have experimented with flickgame.

This may be impenetrable if you are not already familiar with flickgame's pixel-hunt rules, namely: each color can be a link to a new image (but often there's only 1-3 clickable colors).

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Spoilers: "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy"


I made a fangame for Mass Effect: Andromeda.
There are spoilers for the "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy" quest.

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Save a Baby


A flickgame where you can save a baby. Made during my lunch breaks at the day job. Content inspired by the random creative idea generator:


This game inspired by Nuuup/pouls and his "Scab Simulator" series of flickgames. Thanks to increpare and Clickteam for making game-making programs and providing me the chance to do stuff like this in my spare time. Thanks to Spindley Q for hosting GT.

Enjoy, and "Thank you for play!"

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the YEAR is 2044. YOU are a down-on-your-luck private investigator, trying to eke out a living amongst the MEGACORPs and CRIMINAL SYNDICATES of the post-industrial METROPOLIS.

an amnesiac detective...
a mysterious face...
a betrayal...
please play this music in the background as you explore the world of CYBUNK.
[rated PEGI 18 - mature themes]

(another one of these. after the events of the american election, everyone should probably familiarise themselves with survival techniques for horrible cyberpunk dystopias. all material used was stolen/repurposed from google images)

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