Survey from the Orange Lighthouse

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You take a gander acrosz the ocean

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An event


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beautiful and unsettling

The craft that went into the imagery of this game is remarkable. There's a certain eerieness to it, one that doesn't only come from how (rot13) na rlronyy ohefgf ivbyragyl guebhtu gur ebbs bs na nyvra ohvyqvat. The jutting rocks in the first screen form a sort of motif through the work. You can see echoes of the jutting rocks in the splashes of the ocean on the lighthouse rock, even in the clouds in the sky. Combined with the color of the sky, not like the orange of sunset but rather much more intense, with an edge of red like a forest fire on the horizon. If not for the atmosphere that the imagery sets up, the ending wouldn't be quite as impactful, just another strange thing happening in this strange world, but with everything else, it crystallizes into a very haunting image, as if you've witnessed the first sign of the apocalypse.

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Thank you. Very insigtful

Thank you. Very insigtful

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Yes, yes, yes...! This was like a landing of HP Lovecraft's "White Ship" as it sailed the Sea of Dreams, and you simply had no choice but to observe. I echo the sentiments regarding the waves being drawn like the jagged rocks. Though these were still images, they all felt alive and moving, especially the shooting water at the foot of the lighthouse. I've recently returned from a trip out to the shore, and that image in particular brought back vivid memories.

Seeing the mist seeping out of the lighthouse's entrance, and the eerie tunnel of steps upward to its deck, was a hypnotic journey. It was comparable to the images someone is asked to imagine when participating in some kind of guided imagery or hypnosis session. This was really enjoyable to see. Nice work!