don't give up

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2015 flickgame visits its rightful birthplace. images are based on photos i took with a small area of the world in the couple of years prior.

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An event


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Cycling back to a screen

Cycling back to a screen that says "Don't Give Up" is enough to make me play through the cycle about 4 more times than I usually would.
The visual compositions/colors of most of the frames are satisfying and the representational aspect fills in when they aren't visually that interesting.

City Life

I just moved out to the suburbs - and I'm doing my best to adjust - after living in a large city for the past 21 years.

Seeing this game is like reminiscing the good times in the city, walking or bicycling round town before anyone else was awake. All skylines in the sunrise or dusk, with no people. The strangest part is that these panels are likely from no city I've ever been in, yet I feel I've been there, like I could have been the person snapping those photographs.

I feel like I personally "gave up" on city life, and have conflicted feelings about it. This game made me think of those feelings again.