pump city xx

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just a small zone

made in bitsy

(arrow keys/wasd to move)

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(mild spoiler in comment)

This was nice to explore! I felt like it was an abandoned city at first and I definitely got some chills seeing what I presume is decayed building shells, so I was quite surprised by the warehouse rave!! My headcanon is that this is a future where becoming a raver is necessary for survival.

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i love the use of different

i love the use of different textures here to make it look more detailed than bitsy allows.

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I enjoyed that there is a

I enjoyed that there is a lot of ambiguity to some of the sprites, but enough of them are identifiable enough to cause the dissonant feeling that I should know what I'm surrounded by.
I got the sense of roaming around a small section of a city. It feels like the player character is aware that there are only a few navigable spaces in this industrial area or a downtown that is mostly closed. The shape and spacing/pace of the barriers made this feel like a dreamlike representation of a real person's permitted paths.

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Liminal Spaces

The west/left coast has the space I like the most. It makes me think of the seashore with a lone spire of rock sticking out of the waves.

Wonderful sense of creating an atmosphere in this piece. Well done!