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YOU will experience Grass Tile in a completely new fashion- with my "RPG I + II COLLECTION"- the "Three Tile Rule" Be damned!!! 10000 miles of viciously repeating fields- you will smell this grass... for the plains are airy! these plains leave room for the imagination- its the natural world as you never knew you needed!!
this is my most perfect game yet... i'm sure you'll agree! so why not? give "RPG I + II COLLECTION" a try tonight... ;>

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gestures on tile-canvas

I just finished Super Lesbian Animal RPG which is very much a traditional rpg so it was interesting to play something tonally and structurally opposite. This is not an RPG of structure and story. this is an RPG of gestures on tile-canvas. Perhaps there is a vague story that after 10000000000000000 years the world has dissolved into empty continents full of grass? did the heroes time travel? But their name change...very interesting.

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very good game i like it

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