Destroy Your Home

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Enough is enough.

Juliette Porée
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Very cool and at times

Very cool and at times enigmatic. Reminds me of increpare's work.

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Thank you! Increpare's

Thank you! Increpare's probably the main reason I took up Unity.

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this was great. I loved it

this was great. I loved it when the dog flipped upside down.

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Ace. I think I am going to

Ace. I think I am going to do an LP of this. Did you notice it was posted in

We should have a Unity game jam, because Unity physics are lots of fun.

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Thank you! Please send me

Thank you! Please send me your LP if you get around to doing it! Or if you've done it already!

Yeah I saw it was posted on freeindiegam, made me so proud and cool
The best thing is Terry (I'm guessing unwittingly) posted it exactly one year to the day after posting my glorioustrainwrecks ZZT game.
Hope I can make something decent in 2014.

Unity is a hell of a lot of fun, especially since I've learned how to import Blender models.

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Let's Play: Destroy Your Home

That looks good.

I've just made some today, after finally taking a day to mess with screen recording softwares:

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Aw, those are beautiful,

Aw, those are beautiful, thank you. Nice acoustics at your house :)

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I think the best part is

I think the best part is when you walk away from your fallen house and turn around to face the wreckage of what was once your home, your dog flips upside-down in sorrow and tragic fairground music plays.

Of course that's not necessarily the sequence of events - you can destroy your home or not destroy your home, the sad fairground music is just a 3D sound source, and the dog flipping upside-down is just a two-sided polygon where one side has the texture the wrong way. But you can put these things together and use them to sort of make up a story related to the sequence of events, and I think that's probably one of the coolest things about Unitywrecks - the focus on emergent gameplay, the player choosing how to play and interpreting the end results in their own little way, and the best part is that all this is achieved using just basic tools such as rigid body dynamics.

Edit: I also think the opening is very smart - You look out the window and go, "Oh, look, a doggy!" And as you move forward toward the dog you hit the desk and cause the entire house to start shaking.

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This is a masterpiece of a

This is a masterpiece of a game

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I just played it the second

I just played it the second time and had a different experience than the first. The first time, I saw the jiggle and had fun making it resonate. Once the house was down, I went out to the dog and she looked at me like I was a clutz. The second time I played it, I calmly went out the door without disturbing much and went to the dog. She flipped upside down when I looked back at the house and I knew that the house was an injustice which must be torn apart.

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I like what you did with the

I like what you did with the walls. Trainwrecks often have a troubled relationship with collision detection. Especially with the built in, generic systems that unity or game maker or klik and play provide, and especially with the haphazard way that novice or otherwise glorious developers use them, running into walls can be very hazardous. You’re liable to clip through or get stuck, or maybe the walls just weren’t there to begin with. Making sure your walls are solid and the player can’t get behind the curtain is one of the principle elements of a well polished game. So when you start playing a game like this there’s a sort of tense moment when you go to touch a wall for the first time and you brace yourself for what sort of horrible thing might happen. And in Destroy Your Home that’s a beautiful moment, because what happens is what never happens- the walls give in and become these wonderful springy, spongey, tumbling blocks.

There’s also a tradition of physics demos involving making a big pile of rigidbodies and letting you shoot cannonballs at it and fuck it up. And I like that Destroy Your Home takes a lighter approach to that whole idea. You don’t have any gun to shoot out cannonballs, you have to push things with your body. So you get to really feel the spongeyness and the weight of the blocks and ferns that you’re pushing around, and you get a sense of your own body’s presence.

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I made a clone of this game

I made a clone of this game during The No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam.