Destroy Your Home (a clone by clyde)

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This game was made for the The No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam on Glorious Trainwrecks in March of 2017 by clyde.
I've wanted to make a clone of Destroy Your Home by juliette for a long time.
Here is the link to the original game.

Also of note is Earth Defence Force Your Home by Blueberry Soft

You can contact me on Twitter @cafefiction

I used Unity.

Some meshes were made with ProCore Bundle
Editor Extensions/Utilities
by ProCore
I especially used ProBuilder and ProGrids.!/content/15447

TangyTextures Material Pack by LemonSpawn!/content/19225

Low Poly Destructible 2 Cars no.8 by 1Poly!/content/45368

Billboarding solution by JustinReinhart

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - The Song of the Sea

Susato - Crumhorn Trio - Ronde Wo Bistu
by Early Music in a different way ;)

Lamps Pack 3D Models by Nova Shade!/content/55018

Chalet Style Furniture
3D Models/Props/Furniture
by Rendwork Studio!/content/31966

Free HDR Sky
Textures & Materials/Skies
by ProAssets!/content/61217

Made For: 
An event


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I'm really happy that

I'm really happy that destroy your home is getting more fan-games.
Also liking the support blocks under the house you can knock out.

Wreckin House

"I wrecked that house like I wipe my ass. Back to front, son. Back to front."

knocking over the support

knocking over the support beams and watching the entire house crumble was incredibly satisfying

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Such a good clone! The roof

Such a good clone! The roof tiles and depression under the house are so clever.