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Birthday Cake


You are a birthday cake. It is somebody's birthday. You must serve yourself to the guests at the party.

Move around with the arrow keys or WASD. During the intro you can only move left or right. During gameplay, you can only push the cake in a specified direction for a limited amount of time, which is reset every time you collide with a guest. You will otherwise bounce around by your own momentum.

Each guest can eat up to three pieces of cake, at which point they will leave because they are full. When you fall off the bottom of the screen, the game is over and you will be taken to the ending, which will include a tally of your score.

Credits are available inside a text file in the download.

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Caketown Double Feature


This is a pack of two worlds you can explore in Katelabs:

  • Caketown, a handful of buildings on top of a massive chocolate cake
  • Shipping Society, another town, this one constructed entirely of shipping crates

These worlds are in open beta, and more will be added to them over time, probably.

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MANYGAMES IN ONE - The Complete Package


You didn't ask for it, but here it is anyways! The complete collection of games for the Manygames game reader. This pack contains all the 45 games of the previous packs plus
brand new, never released before games. This is truly the ultimate collection, making every other Manygames package redundant.
In this pack you can find, among many other games, titles such as the following:
Ghosts Just Want Peace
Here Comes The Cheese!
Knytt Stores
Merely Pretending To Be A Coin
Pacman Only Eats Fresh Produce
Silly Dog, This Is A Fish Place
The Ghosts Lied, They Want To Kill People
The Monster Finally Found Something That Will Kill Him If He Eats It
Xylophones Do Not Show Up On This Game
You Can Not Avoid Death Forever

But what are you waiting, download this pack and get your game on!

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A dating simulator involving randomly generated sugar-based euphemisms. Keep talking or quit while you're ahead?

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EAT FOOD super deluxe


As the title suggests, your goal is simply to Eat Food. It's not as easy as you might think. Is this a meditation on chronic irritable bowel conditions? Music courtesy of

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It's my sisters birthday this weekend and I mail ordered a present for her that won't make it in time... So instead I decided to make a game in 2 hours as an alternative ^^.

The game itself was finished in the allowed time, but the music took another small hour. Oh, and I used flash (sorry for that...)

Click on "CAKE" to begin, use the Arrow Keys to move Febe around. It's a combination between Pacman and one of those ice level things that you have to do in ice caves in Pokemon. Eating all the cakes will unlock all the locks and allow you to leave the level. Locks without a block can be pasted through and will turn into lockblocks when you go over them. I don't know why you leave blocks behind you, but otherwise the game is unplayable, so I guess that's the reason :P. Oh and my sister's called Febe (which is like Phoebe, but Dutch)

Press 'R' if you get stuck!

Hope you enjoy! :D
Also, cake.

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Cake out


KotM is on my birthday! How cool is that! Because I am not self-centered, I made my birthday-related game ahead of time and will use the given two hours to make a more general-purpose game

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Medieval Zoo Espionage


You have come to visit the really, really huge, genetically-engineered giraffe at the local zoo! You want to feed it cake, but mom won't let you!

Find a way!

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Flood The Chamber Again: This Time, It's Lava


This is an unauthorised sequel to the Game Maker game Flood The Chamber. Hop to the top and get to freedom! You can survive anything except for the lava, which will kill you.

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