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Dwarf In My Pocket


Note: Now version 1.1

DIMP is a "dwarfagotchi" application you can run in the background while you are doing stuff. Watch and/or direct your Dwarf to go mining, attack trespassers, groom its beard, and other interesting Dwarfy Things. Use the mouse and left-click on the various buttons to make things happen.

Your Dwarf won't feed itself, go to sleep on its own, or other special tasks, but it will do all manner of Dwarfy Things if you just let it run.

Vital information is saved when you close the application, so you can start up DIMP again, choose "Old Dwarf," and pick up where you left off.

I am actively looking for more stuff to add to this toy, so if you have any suggestions please let me know. Currently version 1.0.

I made this for my brother on the occasion of his birthday. He's a big fan of Warhammer: Total War so I figured he would dig this. I mean, he can't play Total War while he's at work, but he can play DIMP. Everybody wins...!

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Birthday Simulator 2

Birthday Simulator 2.png

The long awaited sequel.

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Birthday Simulator

happy birthday.jpg

I made this for fun and for your entertainment.


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Happy Birthday, Glorious Trainwrecks!


Bit late here but!!

I made this game as a big thanks to everybody and everything here! Not much for me to add that isn't in this, so I hope you enjoy reading through this as much as I have had making it :)

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Musculor's Birthday


It's Musculor's birthday! Help Musculor collect all his presents and eat a lot of cake. Be careful not to drink any poison!

Juliette Porée
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Temp2 2012-02-26 13-49-33-38.png

this is a special birthday game for hennell, as suggested by hennell's friend. hennell is some years old.

music is poet and peasant overture by eddie peabody (thanks to project gutenberg)

plz to enjoy.

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Cake out


KotM is on my birthday! How cool is that! Because I am not self-centered, I made my birthday-related game ahead of time and will use the given two hours to make a more general-purpose game

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