Dongers MINI- Harmonium- for mkapolk!


Merry kliksmas and I hope you jump into the new year well and enjoy the game, mr. mkapolk!
Enjoy Harmonium, one of the most classic magical instruments from the places of Dreamworld!
Sadly, the game doesn't support sound recording but you can always use an external sound recording program. I recommend Audacity!

I would also like to thank all the friends that helped with development and to carry out this project! - Dany Burton, beanstalk, Brutalmoon, InfernalBeast and Old Man Razal from Dreamworld!

for more magical products:
come by sometime! ;)

Have fun!

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Duel in Concert: Piano Man X Tambourine Man


This fickle concert audience keeps changing its mind: Does it want The Piano Man to play them a song? Or do they want Mr. Tambourine Man to play? Spotlight the right one at the right moment to get points! Beat my high score of 30,920!

(The game has an ending when both songs finish ~2:15)

John D. Moore
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Pianst's Big Day at an Exisitensial Crisis


Based off a Twbot idea.

Instructions in game.

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An event

Enjoyment of the Public


Don't be late for the performance!

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An event

Mega Maze


Get ready to navigate the Mega Maze! It's the best maze of all. What kind of secrets await you at the end...?

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An event
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