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Happy B-day GT



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It's my sisters birthday this weekend and I mail ordered a present for her that won't make it in time... So instead I decided to make a game in 2 hours as an alternative ^^.

The game itself was finished in the allowed time, but the music took another small hour. Oh, and I used flash (sorry for that...)

Click on "CAKE" to begin, use the Arrow Keys to move Febe around. It's a combination between Pacman and one of those ice level things that you have to do in ice caves in Pokemon. Eating all the cakes will unlock all the locks and allow you to leave the level. Locks without a block can be pasted through and will turn into lockblocks when you go over them. I don't know why you leave blocks behind you, but otherwise the game is unplayable, so I guess that's the reason :P. Oh and my sister's called Febe (which is like Phoebe, but Dutch)

Press 'R' if you get stuck!

Hope you enjoy! :D
Also, cake.

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