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Spiko the Hedgehog 2016 (DEMO)


Just when you thought it was safe to go back... Spiko the Hedgehog 2016 is here! In a playable demo format, that is! Available in: exe format for Windows, HTML5 format for all OS's.

- Unique spike & hedgehog gameplay. Attack with your back, roll with your body! Never before have you experienced the world through the eyes of a hedgehog.
- Five unique power-ups. Move fast with Balloon Mode, get supercharged with "Invulnerability", and don't forget about the classic 1-ups!
- Real world dynamics. Hear the howl of a fierce wind as you ascend a cliff. Listen to the chilling music of the Ice Caves.
- The fastest hero alive. With gameplay featuring velocities up to 250 miles per hour, you'll really feel the thrill of speed!
- Full environmental interaction. The world responds to your presence! Go for a swim in a lake, hear your claws pound as you run across a metal grate.
- A new way to move. Tired of running around everywhere yourself? Try out an Action Ladder to automatically climb up or down.
- Progressive integrated plot. You make the decisions. Live as Spiko, the hedgehog, as the face their daily challenges and must face moral dilemmas.
- Expanded moveset. Think Spiko can just run left and right? Think again! Spin, dig, jump, and claw your way through the world!
- Amusing original characters. Franky the Squirrel. Loyel the Owl. Sally the Lombat. Meet them all!
- Fully playable demo. Right here, right now. Can't wait for the full game, or want to try it for free? No worries!
- Fun multiplayer game. (Canceled)


WASD or arrow keys: move around
Ctrl or Spacebar: hold to start a "spindash"™ and build up speed! Release to go.
Shift or E: attack
J: jump move
G: dig down
M: dig sideways (debug mode only)
Swim: automatic (context sensitive)
Escape: quit game

Heart gain extra life
Balloon never slow down
MegaSphere cannot be defeated
Sight Shield enemies can't see you
??????? grab it to find out!

Enjoy and please look forward to the full version coming out Q4 2016! Comments and critics will be considered for future development. We wish to please fans.

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A small Zzt platformer demo I made while I was feeling nostalgic one night.
To run the font: At the dos prompt and in the directory you have the font stored type
zman /i. This will install the font and allow you to play ZMAN the way it was intended.
After installing the font (do not exit the dos prompt or dosbox windiw or the font will un-install) run Zzt normally.

Title screen and name are all just filler until I decide to actually put effort into them.
Thanks for playing!


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MvsM (Man versus Machine)


A demo of a quick action stick shooter.
Be the man to best the machines.

Use the mouse to aim bullets and grenades.
Basic WASD movement

Exit the level through the door to win

Created in MMF2

Press "P" at the title screen to play

Lowered file size.
Added room and green keycard.
New Boss

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Happy B-day GT



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Oh Man Go Time Gaiden: BUT WHO WAS DRUGS? (Knytt Stories (Incomplete))


Well, it turns out I couldn't finish Oh Man Go Time Gaiden by the end of the Kart, so have this nice demo that'll whet your appetite while hopefully not giving away too many surprises. I don't know how accessible this is to people who haven't played the "Oh Man Go Time" series, but most of the stuff you need to know is contained in the intro. I swear, I swear I'll finish this (in fact I'll probably edit the finished version onto this page).

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Din Da Da (8-bit Pong Mix) THE MUSIC VIDEO


Autoplay version of PongSpar (the player is fixed to the ball's y position); also, to make things more interesting, the game moves faster than the original version (starts out I think twice as fast and increases at double the rate of the original).

So yeah, this is basically just a music video for the song, which I liked enough anyway.

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The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis - Special IGF Demo


The full version is out!!

A demo of The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis. Complete up to the end of the first level.

Click on things.
Can't skip dialogue.

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Demo of Greg Hetcherson's Lost Tombs of the Goblin Underground


An exciting new demo of the soon-to-be latest hit from SoftSoft! Can you find the treasures in the lost tombs of the Goblin Underground? (Answer: No, you can't.)

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Pirate Kart 2
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Demo of Tommy, the Text Adventure of the Movie of the Rock Opera


A stunning new demo of the text adventure based on the rock opera hit! Be sure to nab the full game next Spring!

(Note that you'll need an interpreter to play this game, such as Zoom for Mac or Windows Frotz for, well, guess.)

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Pirate Kart 2
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