Medieval Zoo Espionage

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You have come to visit the really, really huge, genetically-engineered giraffe at the local zoo! You want to feed it cake, but mom won't let you!

Find a way!

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That was amazing.

That was amazing.

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hocus pocus level 1 midi!

hocus pocus level 1 midi! haven't heard that in ages.

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i dont fucking get this

i dont fucking get this game

so the one dude is talking to his lord about the cake and then it tells me something about press CTRL to swipe? hu swipe what? what do you mean
like swing your bat or what

anyways i manage to get to the RIGHT side of the screen without getting seen (i bet that wasnt intended, eh) but you dont let me leave the screen

so i sneak behind the guy and press CTRL like hell in the hope it will knock him out or something but still nothing happens and he just keeps on walking. ive tried it millions of times and im really fucking sick of it now. no idea what to do

anyways nice clip arts. you should post them somewhere here because i dont even have those. i guess they come with TGF? but then ive got the big ass box of tgf with EVEN MORE SPIRTES and everything (the one they sold in the UK by europress)

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Yeah, sorry. By 'swipe' I

Yeah, sorry. By 'swipe' I meant 'attack'. Also, attacking him from behind _should_ work. Not sure what you're doing. There should be a white circle that appears momentarily.