MANYGAMES IN ONE - The Complete Package

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You didn't ask for it, but here it is anyways! The complete collection of games for the Manygames game reader. This pack contains all the 45 games of the previous packs plus
brand new, never released before games. This is truly the ultimate collection, making every other Manygames package redundant.
In this pack you can find, among many other games, titles such as the following:
Ghosts Just Want Peace
Here Comes The Cheese!
Knytt Stores
Merely Pretending To Be A Coin
Pacman Only Eats Fresh Produce
Silly Dog, This Is A Fish Place
The Ghosts Lied, They Want To Kill People
The Monster Finally Found Something That Will Kill Him If He Eats It
Xylophones Do Not Show Up On This Game
You Can Not Avoid Death Forever

But what are you waiting, download this pack and get your game on!

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I'm so impressed you pulled

I'm so impressed you pulled this off! Playing Merely Pretending To Be A Coin seems to crash the game.

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Yeah, that's something that

Yeah, that's something that happens for some reason when the game tries to load too many or too large items with custom sprites (using the default sprites is totally okay) which was kind of neccesary for Merely Pretending's "Gimmick" (Funnily enough, the first thing I did when I found about that error was to exploit it to make "Crash The Game! The Game")

Achievement Earned

This is a MASSIVELY impressive feat! Well done.

I also think the text-to-speech is adorable. I like editing the text and hearing my edits being spoken before each game I play. :)