Sekret Santa Klub 2015

Tue, Dec 01 2015 05:12 PM
12/01/2015 - 17:12
01/03/2016 - 23:59

Hope you all had fun with this year's edition! If you've still not finished your game, please do so as soon as possible... Your recipient is eagerly anticipating their gift's arrival!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like THE SEKRET SANTA KLUB 2015!!!!

Those of you who have done this in the past, you know how it works. For those new to the tradition:
1. Post a comment here stating that you want to participate by SUNDAY, 13th DECEMBER.
2. Add your wish list in a comment so that others know the kind of game you want to see.
3. On the 13th (give or take a day or so), participants will receive a private message detailing the person for whom they should make a game.
4. Submit your game here at by SUNDAY, 3rd JANUARY 2016!

Lots of time to make games, folks! Just make sure you post your wish list here so that other game-makers know what you want.


Do your best to make the best KLIKMAS GIFT EVER for your recipient!!!

Games made for Sekret Santa Klub 2015


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These are some very good

These are some very good Santa GIFs.

I'm especially fond of the

I'm especially fond of the weary expressions on the elf and Santa on the seesaw/teeter-totter.

I'll post my wish list: -

I'll post my wish list:

- retro arcade style
- 8-bit or KNP aesthetic
- graphics don't have to be awesome, just understandable
- lots of explosions, but little blood & gore
- shootemups or run & jump
- challenges: best time, best combo, longest run, etc.

The Sekret Santa Klub has been my favourite event out of all of those I've participated in here at Glorious Trainwrecks, and I'm super-happy to be hosting it this year. :D

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is it already that time of year??

a wish/inspiration list:

  1. blind contour drawing
  2. handwriting
  3. complementary colours
  4. shareware DOS games
  5. low resolution games with inexplicably high resolution title or game over screens
  6. unusual aspect ratios
  7. multiple views of the same scene
  8. investigation
  9. discovery
  10. ambiguity
  11. mundane things
  12. made-up languages
  13. adaptations of things from other media
  14. spaces based on real places (however loosely)
  15. Z-grade movies
  16. voiced sound effects
  17. utopia
  18. non-violence
  19. peppermint tea

there is an imaginary cash bounty if you manage to incorporate every one of these things into your game

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spongebob puzzle game

yes i'd like to participate
spongebob puzzle game
smooth animations
a game about a miserable giant sneaker who has given up on life
peanut butter
giant zelzibar feet
that is all (i may actually make the sneaker game before then, if i haven't done it by this weekend, i'll leave it on my list)

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Dear Santa, I'd like a game about...

* the TV detective Columbo
* Bob Ross
* ordering a teenage mutant ninja turtles style pizza
* a game where you get to be somebody's life coach
* a game that's meant to be played when you are very hiiiiiiiiii
* a speech-making game called SPEECH MAKER
* what happened?
* a game using only the characters that you get when you press shift and then a number, maybe a game in python ascii text something
* yes, more ascii character games
* is Battleship-like a genre?
* a game featuring Young Thug

that's all i got


Well, I would like these things:
Unfinished looking
With horrible controls
Awful, uninspired voice acting
A player who is a rapper
Eminem eating spaghetti
Mixtapes flying across the screen
Terrible 3D models
A 3D game
A child who screams bollocks all the time
A buggy, custom made FPS Controller ( make this in Unity please )
Make the game look like a rushed licensed game
Please make this look as terrible as possible
And make this pretty much the worst thing you could ever think of

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Here is your gift, just in

Here is your gift, just in time for New Year's Eve's Eve!

I tried to implement every wish in order, but that was too hard, so I stopped after three.

Genie-3-Wishes-56627.gif172.51 KB

5 Wish Lists

Okay, so now we're on our way. Five wish lists is definitely legit. Any other takers?!?!?!

I will post more obnoxious GIFs if you need them...

And my current personal favourite which has very little to do with the Klikmas Holiday:

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I will definitely be posting

I will definitely be posting a list soon, vause this is my favourite event! I promise to get it up tonight or by the end of Friday at the latest!

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I haven't done this before

I haven't done this before but I'm excited to try!

I like games with:
- physics
- colors
- feelings
- magic
- red-cyan 3D glasses integration
- plot twists
- landscapes
- weird architecture
- pseudoscience
- art games
- creativity tools
- interactive or procedural works that purists don't like to include in the category of "games"
- virtual pets
- thoughtful depiction of morality
- sprites that look like they were made in thirty seconds
- glitches
- witches

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Been a while, Super Dot!

Been a while, Super Dot!

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It has!!! I've been busy

It has!!! I've been busy with school and work, and somewhere along the road, I forgot what was truly important: making videogames as rapidly as possible.

(and friendship, also)

I released my Klikmas game

I released my Klikmas game today, just in time for Christmas. I tried implementing most of these elements in the final game. Here it is:

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<3 <3

<3 <3

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ummm is this list too long? sorry

I've been wanting to join this for a while but been way too nervous to, but this sounds like too much fun so let's try??

Use as few or as many as you want~ And you don't need to use any of these if you really don't want to, just make sure you have fun making it!
I'll most probably love whatever it is you make either way <3 (but if you want to be absolutely sure just add a cat or two or a million)

♥ Platformers
♥ Cats
♥ Animals (and anthropomorphic animals)
♥ Really bad puns
♥ Really bad animal puns
♥ Cuteness
♥ Exploration
♥ Soft pastel colors (mint green, pink, purple, yellow)
♥ Sad stories with happy endings
♥ LGBTQ characters/stories
♥ NES or Gameboy-like retro graphics
♥ Crayon doodle graphics that 'wiggle'
♥ Pacifist/nonviolent gameplay
♥ Puzzles
♥ Birds that speak in riddles
♥ Spooky mysteries
♥ Chip tunes
♥ Ambient background music/sounds (especially the sound of rain)
♥ Soothing/relaxing games
♥ Sad robots and shy ghosts
♥ Space
♥ Wonky physics and 'weird' movement/controls
♥ Exploring a dream world
♥ Simple blocky 3d games with super simple graphics and flat shading and weird colors or filters
♥ Colorful gradients
♥ Witches
♥ Text based games (TWINE and such)

♥ Please no intensely or rapidly flashing colors, thanks <3

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i uploaded your game, sorry

i uploaded your game, sorry for the one weird image, it just felt right to me for some reason, and it didn't seem too bad

I Like Space Games

All I want from Santa is a new space game. I kind of like MOO and Freelancer and Privateer and stuff like that, but I also just like space. So, let me list this out for you:

  • Space
  • Space
  • Space


loud music
sexy times
fun futurism

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I would

I would like

duct tape,
shadowy figures


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Christmas time is game time!

Street fighter
Appropriate for children
Mario Characters

This sounds perfect! Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

almost shortest list

i guess i got a sort of fear from secret santa things due to bad memories of it from school and stuff
but im old now so i'll try to move on and enter this time

and or
short adaptation of a famous thing in a real cheap homebrew style
(e.g. i recently saw lego versions
of hitchikers guide and star trek episodes on youtube
or the cardboard version of the new star wars trailer
and there was the clipart versions of game covers some time ago..
so something like that but like with knp klipart or similar
not neccesarily a game .. etc.)

hey, I won't participate

hey, I won't participate this year, I am afraid I won't have time and availabilty to do it, however i'm looking forward to seeing the games :)

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My list!, my list!:

- Awkward controls
- Wet and slippery looking things in 3-D games.
- Ice stage and dream stage.
- Riding on dogs.
- Falling / floating / not too much ground.

And a suggestion from the kitten:
- sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssggg ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

I think these would combine pretty well if you want to go that route, except for kitten's suggestion--dunno what she was thinking there.

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im participating something

im participating

something that forces me to exercise

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i'm not sure whether i want

i'm not sure whether i want to try to do something really good for this or settle for badness


A Glorious Trainwrecker's life is full of critical decision points such as the one you've met.

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ahhhh, only 1 day left!


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i made it!

i made it!

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Runnin a little late.

Apologies for the lateness, but I'm hoping to finished my present off tomorrow.

I think all the programmy stuff's done, just got some more rooms to model.

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I am also running a little close to the end. Worry not! My time spent should be worth it.

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it is entirely possible that

it is entirely possible that my game will be a little late

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Late again

I will also be posting late. It's still coming however!