Blueberry Soft's Tony Hawk's Pro Gelatin

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I have nothing to say.

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this is great

and I think I won!

edit: haha I got just my guy's head stuck outside of his course, and his neck stretched forever into eternity.

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Like, really high.

Dog's spin statistics are very high.



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Dreb this looks great!

Can't wait to play it tomorrow :D

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Okay drïb so this is the

Okay drïb so this is the best game I've ever played. Thank you so much!!!

Also where'd you get this dog?

Well, I got it here

So like, the original model is just a obj, so I had to rig it myself. I sort of did a bad job, so if you wanted to deform your own dog's spine you might want to move some of the bones and re-weight the pup.

Dog Dog Dog.7z2.4 MB
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My favorite part is the

My favorite part is the mouth flapping.

Yeah, for rigging it

Yeah, for rigging it yourself, it's impressive that you were able to add flappiness to the jowls.

And I seriously laughed out loud when hearing the background score from Neverending Story. Best joke I've heard in a long while.

I started pretty early. Imagine how long the physics stuff took.

Fortunately, the mesh already had the dog's jowls and mandible modeled decently enough, so I just put bones there and let blender auto weight everything. After that, it was all mucking around with Unity joints and physics.

Which, honestly, accounted for the bulk of the time that I put into the project. Practically all of the gameplay/main menu/splash screen/logo/sound stuff was put in over a one-nighter on the eve of the due date.

Now, the jelly-man skeleton thing took a while. I had to cut into a skeleton mesh that I pulled down from the asset store and pull apart submeshes for hands and feet and arms and legs. Fortunately, all the geometry was closed, I just had to separate stuff.

Oh, and I posted the project files.

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Sorry, can you export a Mac

Sorry, can you export a Mac or Web version? It's not opening properly on my Windows VM.


I feel like this is the JUMPING FLASH! of the 2016s.