NO ME - The Future Is ours


a meditation on the future and who it belongs to.

a tribute to games by biggt.

used this to begin learning how to code.

graphics and code and writing by me. music by leaflet. AGaTE text box asset by abe estos. 3d prerender by mariken. sfx by filmcow, from freesound, and by myself. coding help by will bowerman and jamathan.


cw: flashing lights, gun, death, hopelessness, doppelgangers, body horror

Quinn K.
Made For: 
An event


Very neat game

The future doesn't seem like a very pleasant place at all! This was a neat game. The simile that compared capitalist skyscrapers to tombstones was chilling. I had a pretty fun time with this one, even though the future does suck

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Very good, I played to

Very good, I played to numerous endings and enjoyed the explicit references to La La Land. Thank you also for alerting me to biggt's page.