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(update 22 April: PC version PC room slowdown bug fixed.)

1 large game, 4 small games
Content Warning (only for the first game):
self-harm, sexual harassment, graphic sexual content

produced by 000, 888, EIT, DEN, and KAS

The project files are included, so you can edit these if you'd like. If you do so, read the README.txt.

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An initially harrowing but

An initially harrowing but ultimately beautiful expression of why the suburbs should be returned to nature as soon as possible. A+++++++++

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01: What a strange nightmare

01: What a strange nightmare world. Frustrating and uncomfortable to mechanically play, and harrowing conceptually. I refused to push "yourself" and am ok with having missed anything that results from that. This game really gets its point across, and it wears at my patience with intent.
02: Short and sweet unless I missed something. Lots of symbolism to think about or whatever.
03: AAA LOUD not in the mood to play this game.
ill play the other ones l8r

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AerisDies: thanks to my

AerisDies: thanks to my clickteam knowledge I was able to understand why the movement to help me navigate through the maze without running up my right side meter too high. a very strange and punishing game for exploring. while I am uncertain of what the core message is, it does hit hard on dealing with abusive environments. the "good"(?) ending, after seeing everybody's computers, was tonally uncomfortable because the protagonist seems to not be really seeing how nasty a lot of the co-workers are. there seem to be some interesting secrets I have yet to figure out, so I will be spending more time with it and thinking about it.

ps. I love the soundtrack, it took me a while to realize it was all covers haha. I don't know any of the original songs so I just figured you had a collection of lo-fi indie rock bands with women vocalists. I'm not sure what this says of my perception abilities but whatever. it was fun.

Aeris Dies And So Can You: can't run this on my 32bit machine sorry I'll try to play it soon tho.

Dirby Dee's Void Scream(): I love this, hard to put into words though. it feels like somebody processing pain or trauma that makes them very angry, but trying to be stronger for it. sometimes I just want to scream a bit. this is probably me projecting.

Card Board Box: I know this is based on one of the rooms in AerisDies that I haven't been able to figure out the legit path too... anyhow, I really liked this one. the 3d movement is really cool, I would love to see more games that function like this. it feels very smooth to move around and not worry about ground or ceiling.

Viviisgoingtodie: I think this is where my general lack of Final Fantasy knowledge really shows up because I don't know what this game is really supposed to be able. I played it three times and nothing seemed to change at the end. Which is fine, I just don't know if I'm missing something or what. I love the horribly time stretched music though.

One word: Fantastic. I'm not

One word: Fantastic. I'm not even sure how would I even describe these games, or the feelings they gave me. (The Dilbert stuff made me laugh though, haha.)

PS: I'd love to have the first game's songs exported to sound files, but I don't own Clickteam Fusion, could someone help me out with that?

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I'd love this too! In the

I'd love this too! In the meantime, a playlist's been uploaded to YouTube.

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AerisDies OST

The soundtrack is now on Bandcamp too!

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I was anxious waiting for

I was anxious waiting for something dramatic and horrible and sudden to happen, but it is just a more washed-around kinda horrible. I find that more realistic in a way.
What a horrible work-environment.