Devil Disco Dancer!

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Dance your way to the ending! Press 'X' to jump! Collect computers to get points! Avoid pitchforks! If your score drops below zero, you'll have to start over. The game is different EVERY TIME YOU PLAY IT.

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That is the silliest player

That is the silliest player graphic ever.

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Indeed, it was the

Indeed, it was the opportunity to use that GIF as a player avatar that told me I HAD to participate in this KOTM.

fun fun

slowly panning right AND listening to some beatz, I never heard the track like that before. You need a level like that to bring a groove to life.There's not much else to say here without making the comment too long.

Okay, I like the goodies, and I like the pitchforks..
The animations were dessert.
The flow was gravitational.
The ending was spoiler If I had a spoiler tag?

Thank you for coordinating this for us.